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Thirteenth Link

Who: Namine and YOU
What: Namine takes some time to practice magic
Where: Traverse Town, Fourth District.
When: Sometime in what would be the afternoon
Warnings: None should be needed

Normally, Namine would have been one of the first to revisit Twilight Town when it opened again. She'd missed the chance to visit. Before she could, though, she'd seen the conversations on the communicators about possible new, more dangerous Nightmares. If that was the case, she should wait until others had verified the worlds were safe.

For right now, Traverse Town was safe enough and she hadn't been able to get out to practice her magic much. She knew she should practice her fire and lightning spells, since they were her weakest, but they were also her least favorite and the most difficult for her to cast. She decided to start with Blizzard. It was a good warm up.

Her new Iceguin Ace, Frosty, seemed to like it as well. When she froze a patch of ground, he dove and slid, Archimedes flapping in the air around him as if demanding why he was acting so undignified. It was so funny, Namine couldn't help laughing.
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Setsuna hadn't gotten much of a chance to explore the worlds before they had been sealed off. However, she wanted to make sure she had what she needed settled here before adventuring again. Errands were nothing new and, as usual, Phoebe and Maia were out to help her.

She paused as she crossed through the Fourth District, watching as Phoebe bounded ahead. She noticed the girl practicing ice magic, "Phoebe! Watch out!"

Too late, Phoebe hit the ice and went sliding by, spinning around a few times. Setsuna shook her head in amusement and strolled forward, "Phoebe, are you all right?"
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Phoebe was mostly just startled, thankfully, and she pops back onto her feet thanks to the help from Frosty. She's fine! Really! Actually that was kind of fun and she spins back and pokes at the ice with her tail. Maia just shakes her head, Phoebe can be silly sometimes too.

"It's all right. I think she actually enjoyed it." Setsuna examines the ice and then looks to the girl, "You made the ice, right?"
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Ah. It looked like someone else had taken his usual training spot around town today. Still, no harm done; and wandering into the scene of a penguin playing around like that was definitely enough to make Kanji stop and grin, Naminé's laughter somewhat contagious as he watched.
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Well, it was hardly as if he could call dibs on the place, after all... oh. He paused for a moment, lifted a hand to wave back. "Hey. Did you do this or was it him?" he asked, curious.
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"That's cool." ...Wait a second. In this context, did he really just say that? "Uh. Neat. Looks like you're pretty good with it, huh." Not that he's exactly much of an expert at what's what with this brand of magic.
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"Nice to meet ya all." He gave a smile right back. "Uh, I'm Kanji - little guy's Plum, big guy's Jet," he filled in as the Dream Eaters caught up to him.

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As far as Aqua was concerned, new Nightmares didn't necessarily mean that the other would were any less safe than they usually would have been. Not that she was in much of a hurry to check them out herself, but that's mostly because she figures it might be just as well to make sure that things are doing well enough here as well.

It's her own Dream Eaters that notice the ice patch first, as her Pricklemane comes to a stop just before stepping onto the ice proper. It might not have any probably with ice in the long run, but a little caution never hurt.

Aqua herself follows close beyond, although it's Naminé who has her attention instead.

"Did you make that, or did he?"
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Anything more than the usual Nightmares could be a challenge. Even for Aqua, but as it is, she's not in any hurry to go exploring. Not when she's gotten used to Traverse Town. So the idea of exploring can wait for a time.

"It's very nicely done."

She hasn't had much of a chance to use her own magic for simple things, but she still remembers enough of it to know that Naminé's done a good job of it. And that the Dream Eaters are enjoying it as well certainly doesn't hurt. Even if not all of their respective Dream Eaters are taking advantage of the option.
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"I do."

She's not surprised that most people don't seem to know, really. She hasn't been much involved in most of the more major battles lately, and most of the time, people don't seem to around when she's taking care of the smaller sort of of Nightmare. But she most certainly knows magic, given that it was one of the things that all three of them had been taught, so many years ago.

Besides, even if Naminé is still working on the small things, that's alright. Everyone has to start somewhere.
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Very definitely the same kind. Not at the levels that Naminé knows them, no. But they're the same at the end of things. Just more highly advanced, and even if she's not really thinking about being a teacher (for all that she'll likely have an apprentice of her own someday) it can be just as comforting to know that someone else knows the same sorts of things.

"The same kind, I think. If you were using Blizzard to make the ice patches, that is."

It's a reasonable assumption though, given the names of the spells and that's enough for a start.

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Sora's Spirits heard the commotion before Sora did. Recognizing the voices of friends, they'd taken off to go say hello. So Namine was going to be joined by Bruce and the still unnamed Escarglow a short bit before Sora got there. He'd long since given up trying to get them to wait up when they took off to investigate things. Given that they invariably lead him to either friends or something that he could help with, he couldn't exactly complain anyway. Though, was a little warning really too much to ask?
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Sora arrived just a bit behind his Spirits, shaking his head in mild, if fond, exasperation. He was smiling, though. His Spirits could be a handful sometimes, but they came through when it counted.

"Hey. We're not intruding, are we?"
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As long as he wasn't interrupting anything, it wasn't going to bother him. And it was good to hear that she was practicing magic.

"That's cool. How's that been going?" He would certainly help her with that, if she wanted.
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"Oh. Hmm." Sora could sort of understand how those two spells could be a little troublesome, in more ways than one. Although, he wasn't quite sure yet how to help with that.

"Well, okay. How are you doing with other spells?" Maybe that was a better place to start.

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