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Who: Okita Souji, his Pricklemane and you!
What: Fighting is all well and good, but what he'd really like to teach Toshi is how to fetch.
Where: Traverse Town, in the First District
When: Just after lunchtime
Warnings: Duck! Flying sticks! (PG.)

"Toooooooshi! Ready, Toshi? Go get it!"

The twig arced out in a beautiful flat spin, bounced off a wall, and skidded into the alleyway. Spines quivering, the Pricklemane raced after it. Souji bounced on his toes, beaming.

There was a clatter from the alley, and a growl, before the Spirit came trotting back out with a board from a broken crate, five times the size of the stick, clenched proudly in its jaws. Souji sighed.

"That's not it," he scolded, darting out to take the board away. "It has nails in it, Toshi! You'll hurt your mouth! Bring back the same thing I throw. Let's put this back...."

The Pricklemane sank its teeth deeper into the wood and tugged, and Souji gave it up for the moment to hurry past Toshi and pick up the abandoned stick.

"Here," he offered, waving it over the Pricklemane's head. "This is what you want! Now, one more time..." He reared back, readying the throw, and Toshi dropped the board with a clatter to paw the cobbles. "Fetch!"

The Pricklemane charged into the plaza, picking up speed heedless of anything -- or anyone -- in its path.

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