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Goodnight Vienna

Who: Bertie Wooster and you!
What: One more new arrival
Where: Traverse Town
When: Sometime in the evening or thereabouts
Warnings: I don't foresee any but will update as needed!

The short version is this: there is a tall man in a slightly rumpled suit standing in the middle of the street and looking positively baffled. A meow wow winds its way contentedly around his legs.

The long version is this: Bertram Wilberforce Wooster awakes in a strange place without any memory of having gotten there. Now, this isn't the first time such a thing has happened to him, and like as not it won't be the last, but usually he had at least some faint inkling of the hows and whys. Wake up in the abode of one of your chums, well, clearly someone saw fit to take you back home once the body wasn't able to keep up with the jovial spirit. Wake up in lockup and it's generally safe to assume that one got a bit carried away in the previous night's merrymaking. H.s and W.s all neatly laid out.

But this place is different, mostly in that he hasn't any idea of where he is. It isn't London, by any stretch of the imagination, nor Market Snodsbury. It's too... something, to be those. Bright, that's the word. The way it's lit up all in colors and signs reminds him of New York, really, but this place doesn't look like it was built sideways enough to be an American city. The little chappie in the bear suit had told him it was a dream, then handed him some colorful trinkets and other whatsits, then immediately took said C. T.s and W.s back and gave him some kind of absurd fat blue hound in exchange. Strange business, but not a proper answer to any of his now numerous questions.

Bertie wanders into the middle of the street, squinting up at the skyline for and searching for some landmark he might recognize. He finds none. The absurd fat blue hound winds its way contentedly around his legs, shedding blue fur all over his trousers.

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