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Goodnight Vienna

Who: Bertie Wooster and you!
What: One more new arrival
Where: Traverse Town
When: Sometime in the evening or thereabouts
Warnings: I don't foresee any but will update as needed!

The short version is this: there is a tall man in a slightly rumpled suit standing in the middle of the street and looking positively baffled. A meow wow winds its way contentedly around his legs.

The long version is this: Bertram Wilberforce Wooster awakes in a strange place without any memory of having gotten there. Now, this isn't the first time such a thing has happened to him, and like as not it won't be the last, but usually he had at least some faint inkling of the hows and whys. Wake up in the abode of one of your chums, well, clearly someone saw fit to take you back home once the body wasn't able to keep up with the jovial spirit. Wake up in lockup and it's generally safe to assume that one got a bit carried away in the previous night's merrymaking. H.s and W.s all neatly laid out.

But this place is different, mostly in that he hasn't any idea of where he is. It isn't London, by any stretch of the imagination, nor Market Snodsbury. It's too... something, to be those. Bright, that's the word. The way it's lit up all in colors and signs reminds him of New York, really, but this place doesn't look like it was built sideways enough to be an American city. The little chappie in the bear suit had told him it was a dream, then handed him some colorful trinkets and other whatsits, then immediately took said C. T.s and W.s back and gave him some kind of absurd fat blue hound in exchange. Strange business, but not a proper answer to any of his now numerous questions.

Bertie wanders into the middle of the street, squinting up at the skyline for and searching for some landmark he might recognize. He finds none. The absurd fat blue hound winds its way contentedly around his legs, shedding blue fur all over his trousers.
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Perhaps adding to his confusion, another Dream Eater -- a Thunderaffe -- charged down the street at reckless speeds, all flying hooves and noble purpose.

Somewhat behind this Spirit came a pony, tall and horned and winged, and clearly shaking her head in complete bemusement at the Thunderaffe's antics. She noticed the puzzled-looking man and came to a halt, offering him a sympathetic smile.

"You're new here, aren't you?" she said, in a voice utterly calm and serene.
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"Welcome to the world of dreams," she said, politely ignoring his incoherence. She bowed to him in greeting, her wings spreading slightly. "I hope the Moogles have explained to you what is happening, but if you have any questions, I'll be glad to try to answer them."

Still smiling as she lifted her head, she added, "I am Princess Celestia. I am indeed a pony."

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Rounds of Nightmare are turning into a way of running into newcomers and getting to know the others who have been here a while, or so Xion is finding. So it wasn't as surprising as it might be for her to find someone who looked like they'd just arrived looking around Traverse Town as she cut through the First District.

Before she could say hello, Barkley was off to meet his fellow Meow Wow and the new Person. At least he stops a polite distance away and simply gives a friendly bark instead of getting more fur on Bertie's trousers?
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Xion smiled when the newcomer spoke to Barkley. At least he seemed friendly. Unfortunately, Barkley couldn't answer the question in a way he would understand, so Xion had to speak up. "This is Traverse Town. Did the Moogle not tell you?"

Barkley gave a happy yip at the new Meow Wow. Yes, new friends! Did his new friend have a name yet?

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Sorry so late. >_>;;;;

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It hadn't been too terribly busy since Nightmare Moon had been defeated, a fact that Rarity was using to her advantage. She did still need practice designing for human men, after all.

She stopped short on her way back to her boutique when she caught sight of someone wandering aimlessly up the street. It was a wonder Nightmares hadn't gotten to him yet, and she intended to keep it that way. "Excuse me," she called, trotting up to him with her most winning smile on her face, "you look a bit lost. Are you new here?"

Spike the Pricklemane ambled up to the Meow Wow, squeaking a greeting. Hi! Haven't seen you before!
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Oh. Right. She kept forgetting that most humans simply weren't accustomed to unicorns. "I thought you might be," Rarity replied, smile firmly in place. Some people asked questions, and some simply went along with the surprise. "Why don't you come back to the boutique with me? I'll get you a nice cup of tea and catch you up on what you need to know about the town." Equal parts survival tactics and gossip, as any good meeting in Traverse Town should be.

Friends are awesome. Spike nodded his whole body sagely. Good for playing tag with!

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The absurd pink pony bursts out of a nearby window.

"Hi! You're new here, right?" Pinkie hopped off the sill and onto the ground. "That's AWESOME! My name's Pinkie Pie, and I've been here for a couple months now! You wanna have a cupcake? Or a cookie? Or an ice-cream-cookie sandwich?" She offered him all three of the treats as they were named, balancing the last one on her head improbably. "Oooooh, I like your Meow Wow!"
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"Suit yourself!" Pinkie tosses all three treats in the air, where they flip before falling into her open mouth. "Mmmmmmmm! Come find me if you ever want anything, offer's still open! I work in the tea shop sometimes, or in Sugarcube Corner over in Ponyville! Actually I kinda think I might just move the whole building here, once I get it off its foundation."

Oh, but he didn't want to hear about all of that! He was new! He needed tours and introductions and new friends! "C'mon, Bertie! I'll show you around, and you can meet everyone! They're mostly humans like you, you'll totally fit in, and I bet the other ponies will like you too!"

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There was something about the baffled expression on the foreigner's face (weren't they all foreign here? Souji tucked the thought away for later) that seemed very familiar. Perhaps it was that Souji hadn't quite shaken his own look of bafflement yet.

"Tell me, have you just come here?" He clasped his hands behind his back, smiling up at the taller man. Toshi peered around his ankle, grunting skeptically. "You have that look!"
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"I've been told this place is called Traverse Town," Souji said, "--excuse me, but is this little one yours?" He crouched, offering his hand palm-up to the blue ... cat? ... to sniff.

Watching the Meow Wow, he added, "Please, call me Soujirou. It's a pleasure to meet you. I've been told we're all dreaming, and there's some magic to this place that traps us in the same dream until we wake."

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There might not be any immediately recognizable landmarks, but Aqua can recognize the signs of someone who isn't quite certain where they are. Of course, it's still her Pricklemane that makes it over to Bertie first, squeaking a hello to Bertie's Meow Wow. There are new people and new friends and those are always things that are worthwhile.

Aqua herself follows shortly behind the Pricklemane, and while it's more interested in the new friends, she's much more willing to do something about the general confusion.

"Excuse me, but were you looking for something?"
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It isn't often that Aqua finds herself in the company of someone who doesn't seem to really want to look at her. But with so very many worlds being all brought to the same place, she supposes it might be normal wherever this latest arrival is from and so she doesn't say anything about it. Not if it might well be rude of her to do so.

Besides, she can hold a conversation just fine all the same. Oddness isn't that much of a barrier.

"If you have any questions, I can probably answer them?"

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It can't be called a landmark, but the sight that greets his eyes might be memorable all the same: a grinning bat-like creature, colourful enough to stand out even among the neon lights, flitting overhead with a round navy-blue cap clutched in its tiny feet. Coming to a rest on the gutter of a nearby roof, it looks down and gives the Meow Wow on the cobblestones below a chirp of acknowledgement. Well, acknowledgement and smugness.

Barely a minute later, a boyishly short, conspicuously hatless and ever so slightly red-faced figure emerges from a narrow side alley - but, on spotting the stranger just a few yards down the street, comes to a halt.

"Oh! Good evening." Naoto's voice is a little too out of breath to sound completely composed, but the intention is probably clear - he's a welcome distraction. Besides, there's a chance he might welcome one himself; there are only so many plausible reasons a man would be wandering through a place like this looking as lost as he does. "You seem disoriented. Can I help you?"
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"Er -"

Before Naoto can answer, the perching bat puffs out whatever passes for its chest with an emphatic squeak, just in case she was about to pretend otherwise. She probably wasn't, but she sighs anyway. "...Yes."

And that's still as far as she intends that particular explanation to go. Without further ado, she looks up to meet the man's eyes again.

"But it's nothing to be concerned about. I see you've acquired a Spirit of your own." She nods towards it, both to be polite and to make a pointed example of it for certain other Dream Eaters in the vicinity. "Then you must have had the situation explained... to some extent. My name is Naoto Shirogane - along with a number of others, I've been investigating further into it for some time now. Was there anything in particular you wanted to clarify?"
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Perhaps to give Bertie a bit of a break (but then again, perhaps not), the next person he contrives to encounter is human, adult, and fully if oddly dressed. On the other hand, he's hefting a large blue shield with spikes on and looking around like he expects to be attacked at any moment.

Which he may be. It's hard to say, around here.

He is accompanied by a purple...spherical...thing and a brightly-colored lizard, the latter of which ducks into the shadows only to appear right behind Bertie and his Meow Wow and chirrup a greeting. Surprise!

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Bertie's confused wanderings did not go entirely unnoticed. In the midst of returning back to the portal to Twilight Town after making a visit to the Moogles, Lela paused mid-dance step to stare at the new human and his meow wow companion in wonder.

Only once she'd watched for a little while did she resume her dancing steps, bright pink fruit feline offering a cheery Mewf! at the human's back once she was close enough. Hello! Hello, new spirit! Is your NewPerson okay?

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