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Who: Anyone who wants to look for keyholes
What: Time to split up and find the mysterious migrating keyholes.
Where: Every World
When: Half an hour after this post
Warnings: Depends on who shows up and what goes down.

[We're gonna skip the meeting; for now, each world has its own subthread. The mods will keep an eye on them and let you know if you find the keyhole and/or drop hints as to its location. No tagging order.]

[A note: Wash will probably have recommended that people stick to searching the worlds they know best. Feel free to utterly disregard his advice.]
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Who: Emizel and Celestia
What: Just more follow-up to what happened last week
Where: Twilight Town
When: Normal Twilight Town weather, also post-incident
Warnings: Potential heavy talk with a princess

You fled from awful fear )
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Who: Princess Celestia, her Spirits, and OPEN
What: Playtime.
Where: Twilight Town, Sandlot
When: After the harvest and major events have calmed down
Warnings: Hopefully none?

She isn't a Pegaslick, dang it )
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Who: Roxas ([personal profile] seasaltkeys ) and anyone else.
What: Dealing with loss in constructive ways. Maybe.
Where: Empty lot in Twilight Town where Roxas is trying to construct his skatepark
When: Daytime
Warnings: Nothing I can think of other than feels with a side of melodrama?
And when I'm by myself I can be myself and my life is coming and I don't know when... )

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Who: Soma and Emizel - open to more if anyone else wants to join in
What: Someone has neglected Emizel's training; Soma looks to fix that.
Where: Twilight Town, the Struggle Square
When: Proooobably before the search for the Elements (so yeah, backdated)
Warnings: Non-lethal violence. Potentially lethal cute. Diabetics, this is your forewarning.

I'm gonna change you like a remix, then I'll raise you like a phoenix... )
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Who: York ([personal profile] allfunandgamesuntil) and Carolina ([personal profile] guerriera).
What: A certain conversation about 'After' is overdue. York decides to see if Carolina's ready to talk yet.
Where: Carolina's Apartment - Tram District, Twilight Town
When: Early-Mid morning
Warnings: Season 9 and 10 spoilers for Red vs Blue! Also, general Freelancer warning. Potentially lots of feels too.

Not a no. More of a 'not yet'. )
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Who: Ziva David & Whoever wants a possible heartastroke.
What: Ziva's training with her new Eaglider (AKA: Gibbs...or Jethro. Depends on if he's being a pain)
Where: Twilight Town...Starting at the top of the clock tower.
When: Afternoon.
Warnings: Ziva David. And the possibility of freaking out any characters who don't understand she does some stupid things.

So, that fancy fragment she had from one of the bigger fights? Could make one badass spirit. )

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WHO: Chell and anyone
WHERE: Traverse Town
WHAT: Chell's training to break in her new Spirit
WHEN: A few days after the Meta fight, not long after the portal opens
Warnings: Standoffish Spirit and potential roughhousing

This is why Cyber Yogs have hooves instead of feet. )
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WHO: Roxas and everyone and anyone!
WHERE: Twilight Town
WHAT: Roxas has had a chance to sleep and is now celebrating in his own way. In this case, skateboards.
WHEN: About a day after the dreams end
Warnings: None that i can think of

I can see where I am goin'/You better look out below! )

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WHO: Ziva and whoever ends up running into her...and Bert.
WHERE: Near the Sandlot in Twilight Town... You know, big open areas.
WHAT: Ziva has a Meowjesty...named after Abby's hippo.
WHEN: Twilight? (A few days after the MoI adventure)
Warnings: Ziva, a Meowjesty, and her other spirits. There's probably going to be trouble.

Do Meowjesty's have brakes? )
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Who: Amaterasu and anyone else!
What: Ammy's got some new Spirits, and wants to teach them some old tricks...
Where: Tram Common area in Twilight Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None thusfar

That meant she had to give it a little training )
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Characters: Tony Stark, Agent Carolina, Agent Washington
Content: Tony has nightmares and only half wakes up. And decides that pummeling some Nightmares in the face is the best course of action.
Location: Twilight Town... somewhere.
Time: O'Dark Thirty.
Warnings: Tony. Carolina. Wash. (Violence, language, angst, etc.)

It's not somebody who's seen the light. )
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Characters: Party People
Content: Bolin hosts a block party in Twilight Town. Food, fun, and partying! Whoo!
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The Sandlot
Time of Day: Late afternoon and into the night
Warnings: Excessive partying?
Notes: Feel free to start your own sub-threads, thread-jack, and just have fun. Open free for all is the style for threading.

Shake That | Everyday I'm shuffling )
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Characters: Tony Stark - (Open)
Content: Tony's in the garage, working on the suit, making noise, making friends (probably literally, not socially), you know. Tony stuff.
Location: the garage in Twilight Town Sorry Asami
Time: Anytime. All week.
Warnings: This post contains 1 (one) insomniac alcoholic with access to various tools, weapons, machinery, sarcasm, and a clever grasp of the vernacular known as swearing. Hey, at least he's most likely clothed, alright?

I don't sleep at night, I terrorize )
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Characters: Perry and Open
Content: Perry visits Twilight Town, gets roped into running the mail, and hey did you just get a letter?
Location: Around Twilight Town
Time of Day: Whenever
Warnings: None

P is for Post Man )
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Characters: Even, Ienzo, Emizel.
Content: Awful tsunderenerds being awful.
Location: The tea shop.
Time of Day: It's all one, really...
Warnings: Nerds.

Read more... )
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Who: North and York
What: Hanging out
Where: The Sandlot in Twilight Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: General Freelancer warning, also dorkiness?

haven't been a dork for a while )

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Characters: Bolin & Open
Content: Bolin waits outside of the crack in the wall...what will happen?
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The crack in the wall
Time of Day: Early afternoon -- takes place when people are exploring the mansion
Warnings: None?

Through the crack and through the woods... )
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Characters: Eraqus and Ventus
Content: Eraqus gives Ventus some training in Keyblade Mastery
Location (including world): The plaza by the clock tower
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Warnings: None so far, but could develop into trouble

Time to teach some new things )


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