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Who: Rarity and you!
What: Rarity is hard at work in her boutique. Please, come bother her - she loves bringing in new customers.
Where: The Carousel Boutique, Fourth District, Traverse Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None so far. Rarity will not be pleased with anypony who does anything that requires this thread to have a warning.

It's the perfect color and so hip )
guerriera: (Lela)
Who: Lela the Frootz Cat and YOU! (...with eventual cameos by Agent Carolina and Dax the Hebby Repp)
When: Night Time, Week 14
Where: The Hotel, 2nd District
Summary: Recently created and highly curious, a rare Frootz Cat spirit takes it upon herself to go say hello to her Person's neighbouts.

Then the Frootz Cat's work is but hardly begun )
punsofiron: (the hell is that?)
Characters: Iron Liz and OPEN
Content: Somebody's having her first taste of the dreams; insomnia ensues
Location: Traverse Town hotel
Time: dark AM
Warnings: tsundere pricklemanes

Gripping your pillow tight )
the_mechanic: (Default)
Characters: Tony Stark - (Open)
Content: Tony's in the garage, working on the suit, making noise, making friends (probably literally, not socially), you know. Tony stuff.
Location: the garage in Twilight Town Sorry Asami
Time: Anytime. All week.
Warnings: This post contains 1 (one) insomniac alcoholic with access to various tools, weapons, machinery, sarcasm, and a clever grasp of the vernacular known as swearing. Hey, at least he's most likely clothed, alright?

I don't sleep at night, I terrorize )
go_dream: (so then i was like)
Characters: Tidus & Open
Content: Exploring.
Location: The Mother of Invention, corridors and elsewhere.
Time: Day.
Warnings: Not really.

Read more... )
revenancemods: (Default)
Characters: Everyone!
Content: Welcome to Traverse Town.
Location (including world): Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Any - subthreads may take place at different times
Warnings: None so far
Notes: This is an open thread: anyone may tag with anyone else. Tag around and have fun!

Well. )


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