unrecovered: (Let me think about that one)
Who: Anyone with a talking item and anyone who wants to observe
What: Let's put the talking items together and see what happens!
Where: Traverse Town, Fifth District greenhouse
When: Not long after this
Warnings: Wash is his own warning, as always. Aside from that, ~who knows~

Telling me that I should get some sleep because tomorrow might be good for something )
4letters4ninja: (What now?)
WHO: Ziva and whoever ends up running into her...and Bert.
WHERE: Near the Sandlot in Twilight Town... You know, big open areas.
WHAT: Ziva has a Meowjesty...named after Abby's hippo.
WHEN: Twilight? (A few days after the MoI adventure)
Warnings: Ziva, a Meowjesty, and her other spirits. There's probably going to be trouble.

Do Meowjesty's have brakes? )
shadearchivist: (Default)
Characters: Ienzo and Aeleus
Content: Sometimes the person who takes care of everyone else needs someone to draw out their own problems.
Location: Apartment (Traverse Town, Fourth District)
Time: Evening, like you do
Warnings: None

Confront the guilt and try to overcome )
defrostedpride: (let me talk at you now)
Characters: Even, Ienzo, Emizel.
Content: Awful tsunderenerds being awful.
Location: The tea shop.
Time of Day: It's all one, really...
Warnings: Nerds.

Read more... )
shadearchivist: (hiding his face)
Who: Ienzo, Even, and Aeleus
What: Chatting about that whole murder party that was CO.
Where: Apartment above Tea Shop, 4th District, Traverse Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: Mentions of immolation and other plot-related things. Probably mental breakdowns because immolation, etc.

Like A Liar Looking For Forgiveness From a Stone )
wavesinherheart: (when I can't carry on)
Characters: Aqua and anyone else who happens to show up
Content: In the aftermath of revelations, a moment to think
Location: The Clocktower, Twilight Town
Time: shortly after this thread
Warnings: sadness

and nothing will be alright )
earthshatter: (Default)
Characters: Aeleus and Ienzo
Content: Discussion of the possibilities posed by the photos
Location: Sunset Hill, Twilight Town
Time: Twilight Mid-afternoon
Warnings: None

To trouble the mind so? )
shadearchivist: (Default)
Characters: Ienzo and Eraqus
Content: Chatting about stuffs?
Location: Traverse Town, Fourth District, Tea Shop
Time: Evening?????
Warnings: None.

Just another evening... )
skysmirror: (Happy)
Characters: Xion, North, and Ienzo
Content: Xion shows North around Twilight Town
Location: Twilight Town
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: None at the moment
Notes: These are not the notes you're looking for.

Playing tour guide and having ice cream. )
colorbymemory: (Default)
Characters: Namine and any who wish to help her learn to defend herself better while seeing Twilight Town.
Content: Magic lessons, general self-defense lessons, Twilight Town exploration
Location: Twilight Town
Time: sunset Afternoon
Warnings: Probably nightmare fighting.

Lesson time in Twilight Town )
bumbling_baku: (Glad that's done~)
Characters: Tumble and anyone he passes
Content: Playtime Training Flap with balloons.
Location: Traverse Town
Time: Afternoon
Warnings: Balloons and possible Nightmare fighting.

Who said training is work? )
shadearchivist: (Default)
Characters: Ienzo, Aeleus, Even, Namine, Xion, Bolin
Content: A family dinner
Location: The apartment above the tea shop, fourth district, Traverse Town
Time: Evening
Warnings: It's a family dinner with the basement crew, Namine, Xion, and Bolin. I think it stands as its own warning.

Ienzo was already doubting the wisdom of this particular plan of action. )
colorbymemory: (Default)
Characters: Namine and all visitors to the tea shop
Content: Christmas at the tea shop--Namine has decorated and made cookies.
Location: Traverse Town, Fourth District, Tea shop
Time of Day: Any time during the shop’s opening hours on Christmas Day.
Warnings: High potential for fluff and adorbs?

Celebrating a holiday a few days after a battle. )
earthshatter: (Default)
Who: Aeleus and Ienzo
Content: Tea. Domesticity. More tea.
Location: Traverse Town, Fourth District, KH apartment and teashop
Time of Day: Middayish
Warnings: None

When in doubt: tea )
shadearchivist: (Default)
Who: Ienzo and North
Content: North and Ienzo bond over North's dealing with the ridiculously complicated RvB feels bomb.
Location: Traverse Town, Fourth District, Ienzo/Aeleus/Namine's apartment
Time of Day: Evening Right after lunchtime, the day after this log takes place.
Warnings: None

Ienzo is the best housewife I swear )
brodakota: (the best of bros)
Characters: North and anyone passing by
Content: Panda Training 101
Location: Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Early evening
Warnings: None

Cats and AIs and Bears, oh my )
shadearchivist: (Default)
Characters: Ienzo, Namine, and open
Content: Cleaning up the spirit painting shop and tea shop. Also shenanigans. Possibly booze.
Location (including world): 4th District, Traverse Town
Time of Day: EVENING (really, morning as far as the "day" goes)
Warnings: Kia is trying to lull us into complacency with comedy elements. :3

And in the fourth district, it was morning, not that one could tell. )
colorbymemory: (learning)
Characters: Namine and Ienzo
Content: Looking for a suitable place for a tea house and Dream Eater painting service
Location (including world): First District, Traverse Town
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: None

Namine had never had in say in deciding where she stayed before... )


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