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Who: A Nightmare and you!
Where: Fifth District, Greenhouse
When: About two hours after this post
Warnings: Violence. On account of boss fights.

Too quiet. )
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Who: Carmen and you
What: Carmen is engaging in petty clothing thievery. Have fun with that one.
Where: All over Traverse Town
When: After the Nightmare Moon boss fight, various times of day
Warnings: Mischievous kitty?

Obviously they're meant to be together. )
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Characters: Whatever's been causing that really long night, the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and you.
Location: Ponyville, just outside of town, towards the Everfree Forest. There's a certain clearing with a certain statue in it.
Time: Night. Because it's been night for days.
Warnings: It's a boss battle, guys. You know the drill by now.

For the night is dark and full of terrors )
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Who: Anyone who wants to participate
What: The zapapple harvest!
Where: Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, the orchard where the Zapapple trees are growing
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None yet.

Taste the rainbow. Literally. )
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Who: Pinkie Pie and Open
What: Pinkie throws a sleepover party in Ponyville
Where: ...Ponyville
When: Early evening
Warnings: Pinkie Pie

A SLUMBER party! )
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Who: Wash and Chell
What: Wash is back! And in pretty bad shape!
Where: Traverse Town, First District
When: Evening, about four days after he initially disappeared.
Warnings: Language...?

It turned out that getting shot still hurt. A lot. )
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Who: Roxas ([personal profile] seasaltkeys ) and anyone else.
What: Dealing with loss in constructive ways. Maybe.
Where: Empty lot in Twilight Town where Roxas is trying to construct his skatepark
When: Daytime
Warnings: Nothing I can think of other than feels with a side of melodrama?
And when I'm by myself I can be myself and my life is coming and I don't know when... )

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Who: Everyone at Rarity's House of Misfits (Kanji is an honorary member)
What: Family game night!
Where: The Carousel Boutique, Traverse Town edition, dining room
When: Some enchanted evening
Warnings: It's a board game night with a whole bunch of people who don't like to lose. This should be all sorts of interesting.
Notes: There is a PDF of the rules and board, for easy reference!

Roll the dice~ )
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Who: Ziva David & Whoever wants a possible heartastroke.
What: Ziva's training with her new Eaglider (AKA: Gibbs...or Jethro. Depends on if he's being a pain)
Where: Twilight Town...Starting at the top of the clock tower.
When: Afternoon.
Warnings: Ziva David. And the possibility of freaking out any characters who don't understand she does some stupid things.

So, that fancy fragment she had from one of the bigger fights? Could make one badass spirit. )

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Who: Maine and anyone who dares
What: Maine Meet and Greet Growl!
Where: Traverse Town maine square
When: This week
Warnings: U for Unintelligible, S for stubborn, M for Maine

He doesn't get out often )
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WHO: Chell and anyone
WHERE: Traverse Town
WHAT: Chell's training to break in her new Spirit
WHEN: A few days after the Meta fight, not long after the portal opens
Warnings: Standoffish Spirit and potential roughhousing

This is why Cyber Yogs have hooves instead of feet. )
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Characters: The thing that wants to kill you...and you.
Location: The large training room on the Mother of Invention
Time: The day after this and this
Warnings: Whatever warnings you think this has, it probably does.

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Who: Rarity and you!
What: Rarity is hard at work in her boutique. Please, come bother her - she loves bringing in new customers.
Where: The Carousel Boutique, Fourth District, Traverse Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None so far. Rarity will not be pleased with anypony who does anything that requires this thread to have a warning.

It's the perfect color and so hip )
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Characters: Rarity, Emile, Chell, and eventually Pinkie Pie
Content: Rarity is determined to teach Emile and Chell to cook for themselves. This may not end well.
Location (including world): The Carousel Boutique, Traverse Town
Time of Day: Midday
Warnings: Emile's language and...well, Pinkie Pie.

If the way is hazy )
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Characters: Party People
Content: Bolin hosts a block party in Twilight Town. Food, fun, and partying! Whoo!
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The Sandlot
Time of Day: Late afternoon and into the night
Warnings: Excessive partying?
Notes: Feel free to start your own sub-threads, thread-jack, and just have fun. Open free for all is the style for threading.

Shake That | Everyday I'm shuffling )
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Characters: Chell and any others
Content: Time to practice with guns that make actual bullet holes.
Location: Mother of Invention, firing range
Time: Some time, any time.
Warnings: Twitchy woman with firearms?

Shots hammered against her mufflers )

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Characters: Perry, Ammy, and Semi-Open
Content: Perry puts a plan into motion in the hopes that his many years of being caught in traps will finally pay off and put someone else in one.
Location: Mother of Invention, around the ship
Time: After Master Eraqus's post a day later perhaps?
Warning: Violence probably? IDK
Note: Semi-Open in that this will be a first come, first serve kind of thread. I'm going to set up a few sub-threads and you can put up to THREE people in that group. Any more than three in a group can get things to be kind of slow, so let's stick with that number.

Each subthread will be titled with a location on the ship. That location is where Perry has placed one of his decoys and he wants you to use your paint guns and spirits to hopefully drive the creature towards the trap. Exposing is the goal, BUT just in case Perry has rigged up a few nets in hopes that they get REALLY lucky and actually paint it AND trap it. But we'll see what the dice does for us, huh?

sorry the above got kind of long...

Now for the actual IC post )
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Characters: Chell and others
Content: If her Spirit can't figure out how to make its person happy, it'll find someone to show it how.
Location: Traverse Town, under a back alley bridge.
Time: At a time.
Warning: Grumpy mute woman with PTSD and adrenaline withdrawals.

I'm kidding, of course. God, I hate you. )
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Characters: Everyone!
Content: Welcome to Traverse Town.
Location (including world): Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Any - subthreads may take place at different times
Warnings: None so far
Notes: This is an open thread: anyone may tag with anyone else. Tag around and have fun!

Well. )


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