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WHO: Bolin & OPEN
WHERE: Ponyville
WHAT: Going to explore the world that his friends all talked about.
WHEN: Shortly after the portal opened (and after he's caught up on sleep)

Just put one foot in front of the other... )
lessabrasive: (Default)
WHO: EVERYONE. (Unless you're boarding the Mother of Invention. Then you're not here. You can't be in two places at once, yo.)
WHAT: ..three random items that whisper in your head are brought together. For Science. Will shenanigans ensue?
WHEN: The day before the Boss Fight on the MoI, early evening. Presumably. (Look, it's always night in Traverse Town, okay.)
Warnings: Shenanigans. Possible dream logic breaking heads? And probable dream eater stupidity. [This Space for Rent]
OOC Notes: No tag order, let's just keep this one moving! :) Action and prose-style tags welcome, go with what makes you comfortable!

Why don't you and I combine? )
blitz_of_gold: (Default)
Who? Fate, and anyone she would be able to convince to come!
What? Getting the newbies together, plus some vets to jump start cooperation.
Where? A cafe in First District
When? Evening
Warnings? Jeeze, I hope not.

Don't be Shy! Please don't be shy... )
lessabrasive: (pic#6053313)
Who: Lin Beifong and YOU!
What: Lin's working on some Earth and Metalbending exercises. Come watch - or take part!
Where: The Sandlot, Twilight Town
When: Early-to-MidMorning
Warnings: Badly described Avatar-no-jutsu? Anime violence? Will update as needed!

Watch out for flying rocks.. )
unerasable: (c: transmutation)
Characters: Alphonse and whoever!
Content: This place just took in an alchemist, and it's a lot to take in.
Location: The fountain in Traverse Town, Fourth District
Time: Morning-ish
Warnings: None for now!

Break through, beyond the door... )
buymedumplings: (We are so cool)
Characters: Party People
Content: Bolin hosts a block party in Twilight Town. Food, fun, and partying! Whoo!
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The Sandlot
Time of Day: Late afternoon and into the night
Warnings: Excessive partying?
Notes: Feel free to start your own sub-threads, thread-jack, and just have fun. Open free for all is the style for threading.

Shake That | Everyday I'm shuffling )
letteropener: (satisfied look into the distance)
Characters: Princess Celestia, and anypony else
Content: Celestia stargazes quietly, thinking many things.
Location: The bridge of the Mother of Invention.
Time: Some time after its discovery and exploration.
Warning: Morose?

The Mare Wearing the Princessly Mask. )
yabigfurball: (W...what?)
Who: Amaterasu and whoever finds her
What: Ammy wakes up in Traverse Town, and tests her brushes.
Where: First district in Traverse Town
When: Early evening
Warnings: None thusfar! Except for sudden trees.

Even after the strange explanation given )
revenancenpcs: (Nightmare)
Characters: A DEADLY BEE WEAPON! And you!
Content: BEES. MY GOD. -I mean BOSS BATTLE
Location: The Sandlot, Twilight Town
Time: The same time as the mansion thread
Warnings: It's a boss battle, guys. That speaks for itself.

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Characters: Bolin & Open
Content: Bolin waits outside of the crack in the wall...what will happen?
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The crack in the wall
Time of Day: Early afternoon -- takes place when people are exploring the mansion
Warnings: None?

Through the crack and through the woods... )
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Characters: All those who signed up for Struggle
Content: Struggle!
Location: Twilight Town, Sandlot
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: It's a Struggle, so there's going to be at least some combat
Notes: The rules of Struggle are simple: Each player has 100 colored orbs attached to their gear (usually a vest and helmet). Knock off and gather your opponent's orbs while keeping your own. The person with the most orbs at the end of the time limit wins the round. Special powers (magic and such) are not allowed - the vanilla humans need a chance to win too. Have fun!

It's a bright sunny morning )
trademark_skull: Either that or it's currently 3am (Not attempting to give a damn)
Characters: Emizel, Spirits, anyone
Content: New Dream Eaters tends to equal new tactics
Location: Twilight Town
Time: Evening
Warnings: Battle music still going
Notes: I guess this counts as a party style rescue log? Separate threads are welcomed

One, Two, Three, Fffzzzzz )
buymedumplings: (Check Out These Guns)
Characters: Bolin & OPEN
Content: Bolin heads to the Sandlot to try out this "Struggle" thing.
Location: Twilight Town, Sandlot
Time of Day: Early Afternoon
Warnings: N/A

The best whack your friends with foam bats game ever )

alwayslikeddonuts: (Shots Fired)
Characters: Shraeger, and whoever she runs across.
Location: Traverse Town, First District.
Time: Noon.
Warnings: Have Gun Will Travel.

...I just pulled my gun on a teddy bear. A teddy bear that talks. )
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Characters: Ienzo, Aeleus, Even, Namine, Xion, Bolin
Content: A family dinner
Location: The apartment above the tea shop, fourth district, Traverse Town
Time: Evening
Warnings: It's a family dinner with the basement crew, Namine, Xion, and Bolin. I think it stands as its own warning.

Ienzo was already doubting the wisdom of this particular plan of action. )
buymedumplings: (Best Bender bros)
Characters: Bolin, Ping (his Meow Wow) & YOU
Content: Bolin decides to save munny and build his OWN house earth tent. Although he needs to clear the area of some Nightmares first.
Location: Traverse Town, Backstreets
Time of Day: Evening? Hard to tell with no sun.
Warnings: Abundance of cute? IDK

Setting up camp... )
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Characters: Everyone!
Content: Welcome to Traverse Town.
Location (including world): Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Any - subthreads may take place at different times
Warnings: None so far
Notes: This is an open thread: anyone may tag with anyone else. Tag around and have fun!

Well. )


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