wavesinherheart: (Come sit a while with me)
Who: Aqua and Soma
What: Seeking out a friend
When: Before Spellican is taken down
Where: Fourth District
Warnings: None, at the moment

Before the chaos will you come )
revenancemods: (Default)
Who: A Nightmare and you!
Where: First district near the large doors
When: About two hours after this post
Warnings: Violence. On account of boss fights.

It's quiet. )
revenancenpcs: (Nightmare)
Characters: Whatever's been causing that really long night, the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and you.
Location: Ponyville, just outside of town, towards the Everfree Forest. There's a certain clearing with a certain statue in it.
Time: Night. Because it's been night for days.
Warnings: It's a boss battle, guys. You know the drill by now.

For the night is dark and full of terrors )
sailorlaughter: (PARTYYYYYYYY!!!!)
Who: Pinkie Pie and Open
What: Pinkie throws a sleepover party in Ponyville
Where: ...Ponyville
When: Early evening
Warnings: Pinkie Pie

A SLUMBER party! )
notquitedracula: (Default)
Who: Soma and very much open to anyone and anything
What: A certain bat pony starts poking his muzzle around; hijinks may ensue
Where: Ponyville, aaaall over the place
When: A couple days after this
Warnings: None yet, depends on who joins in and stuff. Also I have no idea how this place is actually laid out, so... yeah, please take that into account. XD

Damn you, Peeping Eye, why wouldn't you give me your soul?! )
notquitedracula: (Making an entrance)
Characters: Soma and very much open~
Content: Out of the frying pan and into the ...slow roaster?
Location: Traverse Town (outskirts)
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: Violence~

Black, the beast descends from shadows... )
wavesinherheart: (he'll be alright)
Characters: Aqua and Lea
Content: Keyblade training
Location: Second district
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: None

as it was meant to be )
unlucky_hero: (What no)
Characters: Almaz, and yoooou
Content: A... training session of sorts
Location: Traverse Town, District Three
Time: Same time it usually is.
Warnings: Nightmares

First rule when playing is knowing who you are playing with )
raisethemoon: (A long time ago)
Characters: Luna, Wash, Aqua, Ven, others upon discussion
Content: Luna finally spills the beans.
Location: Luna's dining room / roof
Time: Evening
Warnings: ...Wash? Do we warn for Wash now?

In the magical land of the barren, lifeless moon... )
revenancenpcs: (Nightmare)
Characters: A DEADLY BEE WEAPON! And you!
Content: BEES. MY GOD. -I mean BOSS BATTLE
Location: The Sandlot, Twilight Town
Time: The same time as the mansion thread
Warnings: It's a boss battle, guys. That speaks for itself.

wavesinherheart: (when I can't carry on)
Characters: Aqua and anyone else who happens to show up
Content: In the aftermath of revelations, a moment to think
Location: The Clocktower, Twilight Town
Time: shortly after this thread
Warnings: sadness

and nothing will be alright )
revenancemods: (Default)
Characters: All those who signed up for Struggle
Content: Struggle!
Location: Twilight Town, Sandlot
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: It's a Struggle, so there's going to be at least some combat
Notes: The rules of Struggle are simple: Each player has 100 colored orbs attached to their gear (usually a vest and helmet). Knock off and gather your opponent's orbs while keeping your own. The person with the most orbs at the end of the time limit wins the round. Special powers (magic and such) are not allowed - the vanilla humans need a chance to win too. Have fun!

It's a bright sunny morning )
brodakota: (the best of bros)
Characters: North and anyone passing by
Content: Panda Training 101
Location: Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Early evening
Warnings: None

Cats and AIs and Bears, oh my )
revenancemods: (Default)
Characters: Everyone who signed up for the event here
Content: Chasing shadows, to put it simply.
Location: Fourth District, going into the Post Office
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: Well, we did say this was going to get combat-heavy...

It starts simply enough... )
wavesinherheart: (Come sit a while with me)
Characters: Aqua and whoever comes across her
Content: After the inevitable conversations, Aqua seeks a moment to herself
Location: The belltower, Second District
Time of Day: Evening Early morning
Warnings: None at the moment

The quiet moments )
defrostedpride: (a fine day for SCIENCE)
Characters: Even, anyone who volunteered to help/wishes to show up.
Content: Munnygrinding is so much less boring (and hazardous) with a group. Well, considering the group, maybe not less hazardous...
Location (including world): First District et al, Traverse Town
Time of Day: Early 'afternoon', the day after this.
Warnings: ...Even.

Even waited by the ersatz world exit with as much patience as he could muster... )
revenancemods: (Default)
Characters: Everyone!
Content: Welcome to Traverse Town.
Location (including world): Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Any - subthreads may take place at different times
Warnings: None so far
Notes: This is an open thread: anyone may tag with anyone else. Tag around and have fun!

Well. )


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