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Characters: Whatever's been causing that really long night, the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and you.
Location: Ponyville, just outside of town, towards the Everfree Forest. There's a certain clearing with a certain statue in it.
Time: Night. Because it's been night for days.
Warnings: It's a boss battle, guys. You know the drill by now.

For the night is dark and full of terrors )
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Who: Jeeves, Pinkie, and Amaterasu
What: Learning Neighponese and discovering Amaterasu's name!
Where: The Ponyville Library
When: Sometime after the Zapapple Harvest
Warnings: None

That which we call a wolf by any other name... )
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Who: Rarity and Amaterasu
What: A minor paint job to make one Timberwolf slightly less terrifying.
Where: The Carousel Boutique, Ponyville Edition
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None

And blue is such a nice color )
notquitedracula: (Unamused bat pony is unamused)
Who: Soma and very, very open - preferably everyone who wants to help search for the elements.
What: The game is afoot, but it's not a foot, it's jewelry.
Where: Equestria, round and about (Library first)
When: A day or two after this and this
Warnings: Probable violence, possible language, and all the general character-specific warnings. May as well go ahead and say this one's party style, no posting order, since the idea is for everyone to split up.

Come on, everypony... )
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Who: Maine and anyone who dares
What: Maine Meet and Greet Growl!
Where: Traverse Town maine square
When: This week
Warnings: U for Unintelligible, S for stubborn, M for Maine

He doesn't get out often )
guerriera: (Pony Freelancer)
WHO: Carolina and YOU!
WHERE: Ponyville
WHAT: Carolina opts to explore the countryside around Ponyville, rather than visit the little town right away.
WHEN: Two days after the portal opens.
Warnings: Freelancers. Cranky Carolina. Lela heartbubbles.

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day~ )
yabigfurball: (Howl at the moon)
Who: Amaterasu and anyone else!
What: Ammy's got some new Spirits, and wants to teach them some old tricks...
Where: Tram Common area in Twilight Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None thusfar

That meant she had to give it a little training )
buymedumplings: (We are so cool)
Characters: Party People
Content: Bolin hosts a block party in Twilight Town. Food, fun, and partying! Whoo!
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The Sandlot
Time of Day: Late afternoon and into the night
Warnings: Excessive partying?
Notes: Feel free to start your own sub-threads, thread-jack, and just have fun. Open free for all is the style for threading.

Shake That | Everyday I'm shuffling )
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Characters: Chell and any others
Content: Time to practice with guns that make actual bullet holes.
Location: Mother of Invention, firing range
Time: Some time, any time.
Warnings: Twitchy woman with firearms?

Shots hammered against her mufflers )

ttlynotanagent: (What No Seriously What)
Characters: Perry and Open
Content: Perry visits Twilight Town, gets roped into running the mail, and hey did you just get a letter?
Location: Around Twilight Town
Time of Day: Whenever
Warnings: None

P is for Post Man )
yabigfurball: (W...what?)
Who: Amaterasu and whoever finds her
What: Ammy wakes up in Traverse Town, and tests her brushes.
Where: First district in Traverse Town
When: Early evening
Warnings: None thusfar! Except for sudden trees.

Even after the strange explanation given )
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Characters: Everyone!
Content: Welcome to Traverse Town.
Location (including world): Traverse Town, 1st District
Time of Day: Any - subthreads may take place at different times
Warnings: None so far
Notes: This is an open thread: anyone may tag with anyone else. Tag around and have fun!

Well. )


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