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Who: North and anyone else
What: Installing survival kits at safehouses
Where: Everywhere
When: All day
Warnings: None at the moment

It was a good feeling, springing back into action.

The moment North heard the voice, he knew that trouble was about, and that he had to act fast. He'd been collecting items for the survival kits, and things had been so quiet that he'd been putting off finishing them, but that time was over.

So he can be found running around the various worlds, locating his safehouses and installing the kits.

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Who: North and anyone else
What: Exploring Ponyville for an acceptable safehouse
Where: Ponyville
When: All day
Warnings: None at the moment

After discussing the idea the of a safehouse with everyone else, North knew that Ponyville was going to be the best place to start.

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Who: Agents North Dakota and Washington
What: A few old friends have come and gone, leaving behind a pair of idiots who don't know how to communicate properly
When: Sometime after everyone's left.
Where: Wherever there is a drinking establishment in Traverse Town
Warnings: General Freelancer Warning.
Does it feel like nothing's changed at all )
juniorganymedian: (trouble on the horizon)
Who: Jeeves, North, and Theta
What: Discussing the new dream arrivals and the mysterious goings on about town.
Where: Fourth District, the tea shop
When: Sometime before Lin and her group head down into the Post Office
Warnings: Probably nothing; will add if they come up

Watching my every step... )
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Who: A Nightmare and you!
Where: Fifth District, Greenhouse
When: About two hours after this post
Warnings: Violence. On account of boss fights.

Too quiet. )
sailorgenerous: (Unicorns are magic of course)
Who: Rarity and whoever drops by the boutique
What: Fashion design, among other things.
Where: Carousel Boutique, Traverse Town location
When: A day or two after the Nightmare Moon fight, anytime during the day.
Warnings: None so far. Depends on who comes in.

It was time for things to get back to normal. )
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Who: Anyone who wants to participate
What: The zapapple harvest!
Where: Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, the orchard where the Zapapple trees are growing
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None yet.

Taste the rainbow. Literally. )
sailorlaughter: (PARTYYYYYYYY!!!!)
Who: Pinkie Pie and Open
What: Pinkie throws a sleepover party in Ponyville
Where: ...Ponyville
When: Early evening
Warnings: Pinkie Pie

A SLUMBER party! )
fatemeter: (more dependable)
Who: Naoto Shirogane, a spaceship and whoever else is on it
What: To get a handle on a strange situation, a detective goes exploring. When you eliminate the impossible, whatever's left, no matter how improbable, succumbs to sufficiently heavy firepower... right?
Where: The Mother of Invention, first the bridge and then possibly elsewhere.
When: Throughout the day.
Warnings: Will edit in if applicable!

we're putting you at the controls! )
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Who: North, Theta, and whoever joins them
What: North practices magic, Theta practices with a slingshot
Where: Ponyville, probably near the Far
When: Afternoon ish?After the lessons with the princesses
Warnings: General Freelancer warning.

Not quite the same as using a sniper rifle )

guerriera: (Pony Freelancer)
WHO: Carolina and YOU!
WHERE: Ponyville
WHAT: Carolina opts to explore the countryside around Ponyville, rather than visit the little town right away.
WHEN: Two days after the portal opens.
Warnings: Freelancers. Cranky Carolina. Lela heartbubbles.

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day~ )
revenancenpcs: (Nightmare)
Characters: The thing that wants to kill you...and you.
Location: The large training room on the Mother of Invention
Time: The day after this and this
Warnings: Whatever warnings you think this has, it probably does.

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Who: North, Wash, York and Carolina, and most likely Theta and Delta to
What: York is bedridden due to dreams, North comes up with a distraction. Just a friendly game of cards...right?
Where: York and Wash's hotel room.
When: Afternoon
Warnings: General Freelancer warning.

Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds )

sailorgenerous: (Unicorns are magic of course)
Who: Rarity and you!
What: Rarity is hard at work in her boutique. Please, come bother her - she loves bringing in new customers.
Where: The Carousel Boutique, Fourth District, Traverse Town
When: Afternoon
Warnings: None so far. Rarity will not be pleased with anypony who does anything that requires this thread to have a warning.

It's the perfect color and so hip )
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Characters: North, Carolina, and some upset moogles
Content: North attempts to bargain with some moogles
Location: Traverse Town
Time: Late afternoon-ish?
Warnings: Excessive kupoing?

Kupo )

buymedumplings: (We are so cool)
Characters: Party People
Content: Bolin hosts a block party in Twilight Town. Food, fun, and partying! Whoo!
Location (including world): Twilight Town, The Sandlot
Time of Day: Late afternoon and into the night
Warnings: Excessive partying?
Notes: Feel free to start your own sub-threads, thread-jack, and just have fun. Open free for all is the style for threading.

Shake That | Everyday I'm shuffling )
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Characters: Chell and any others
Content: Time to practice with guns that make actual bullet holes.
Location: Mother of Invention, firing range
Time: Some time, any time.
Warnings: Twitchy woman with firearms?

Shots hammered against her mufflers )

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Characters: Namine and open
Content: Hanging out at the tea shop. Come meet Nami's new Peepsta Hoo!
Location: Tea shop, Fourth District, Traverse Town
Time: Sometime after breakfast time
Warning: Potential fluff and adorableness?

A new spirit meant new personality quirks to deal with. )
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Characters: Perry, Ammy, and Semi-Open
Content: Perry puts a plan into motion in the hopes that his many years of being caught in traps will finally pay off and put someone else in one.
Location: Mother of Invention, around the ship
Time: After Master Eraqus's post a day later perhaps?
Warning: Violence probably? IDK
Note: Semi-Open in that this will be a first come, first serve kind of thread. I'm going to set up a few sub-threads and you can put up to THREE people in that group. Any more than three in a group can get things to be kind of slow, so let's stick with that number.

Each subthread will be titled with a location on the ship. That location is where Perry has placed one of his decoys and he wants you to use your paint guns and spirits to hopefully drive the creature towards the trap. Exposing is the goal, BUT just in case Perry has rigged up a few nets in hopes that they get REALLY lucky and actually paint it AND trap it. But we'll see what the dice does for us, huh?

sorry the above got kind of long...

Now for the actual IC post )


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