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Who: Anyone who wants to look for keyholes
What: Time to split up and find the mysterious migrating keyholes.
Where: Every World
When: Half an hour after this post
Warnings: Depends on who shows up and what goes down.

[We're gonna skip the meeting; for now, each world has its own subthread. The mods will keep an eye on them and let you know if you find the keyhole and/or drop hints as to its location. No tagging order.]

[A note: Wash will probably have recommended that people stick to searching the worlds they know best. Feel free to utterly disregard his advice.]
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Truth be told, Aqua didn't know very many of the worlds terribly well. But she wasn't about to let the keyholes simply vanish and stay vanished. And with that, she figures that maybe it'll be best to start at the first world they'd been able to get to, when they woke to the dreaming. Besides she's spent a good amount of her time in Twilight Town, so it sems reasonable enough that she might manage something of use.

She starts her search in the First District, not so much because she really expects the keyhole to be there, but because it seems like as god a place as any to start.
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Sora had started with Traverse Town more because he knew of a possible place the Keyhole could be if it really had moved than because he knew the world well. Well, he could think of two spots actually and while one was closer to where he was starting, the other seemed much more likely. So he was making his way to Fifth District.

He paused in First District to consider which route to take, as he was pretty sure they should avoid the post office if they didn't need to go there, but the back streets could be a pain sometimes too. And as was the norm when a friend was nearby, his Spirits noticed first. However, only Jelly Bean took off to investigate. Leo, refreshingly, did not have the same tendency to just run off with little to no warning. Instead he drew Sora's attention to the fact that Jelly Bean had wandered off and the two followed the Meow Wow. He still had a little bit of a head start, though, and so would be getting there before his person and fellow Spirit.
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Late to the party like a late thing

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Namine had promised Wash she'd be careful, and she was. Careful, though didn't mean simply staying at home and waiting. Looking around in Traverse Town didn't count as an unnecessary risk, right? She knew it well by now, and they needed the information.

Instead of leaving any Spirits at home, she'd decided to have all of them waiting in whatever space they went to when dismissed. Just in case. When she got to the First District, Batty and Archimedes were helping by scouting from the air. It was Batty who first saw the others and chittered a greeting before going back to get his Person. C'mon, there are friends here!

Catching a glimpse of Sora, Namine hurried to catch up. She'd reach him and Aqua soon.
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It wouldn't have surprised Aqua in the slightest to find that the Keyhole had migrated to the Post Office. But even so she could definitely understand not wanting to start there. Not if it's only going to end up in something similar to what happened the last time they all ended up checking out the Post Office.

Not, of course that this makes it any easier to decide where to start. After all, all anyone knows for certain is where it isn't, and Traverse Town is a fairly large place. But the question of where to go could, perhaps, be dealt with at some point after everyone had gathered, her Pricklemane bounding over in the direction of Sora's spirits even as she turns. Her bat meanwhile, heads over in Naminé's direction to offer his own hellos to Batty.
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Was anyone going to be happy if the Keyhole had migrated to the post office? On the plus side, that did seem kind of unlikely. Besides that, it just felt like a better idea to look in less dangerous places first. So, if there were no objections, Sora wanted to check out Fifth District. They could certainly check out other spots along the way as well. The big fountain in Fountain Plaza seemed like a possible place for the Keyhole to go too.

He hoped, as he greeted his companions, that they wouldn't mind too much that he was thinking of heading clear across town to start looking.
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The Post Office was the least convenient place for the Keyhole, and possibly the least likely. Namine would be fine with checking less dangerous places first. That seemed to make the most sense. As far as where they started, Namine was agreeable to most places.

"Hello Sora, Aqua." Namine smiled as Batty chittered a greeting to Aqua's bat, and Archimedes went to investigate Sora.
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They'd have to start somewhere, at the very least. Otherwise they almost certainly wouldn't find the Keyhole. But as long as they started somewhere, Aqua had no particular preference where they started. If that meant heading all the way across town to get their search started, it didn't really matter as much in the long run.

"Hello to you as well," she answered, with nods to both Sora and Naminé as her bat started chattering happily at Batty, presumably in an attempt to catch up any particularly interesting news. It had, after all, been at least some time since the two bats had had a chance to catch up, and the disappearance of the Keyholes - not that Aqua's bat entirely knows what those are - is still something relatively new and something that's probably interesting besides.

"Do you either of you have any ideas about where we should start looking?"
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As long as no one objected. Besides, there was nothing stopping them from checking other spots along the way.

“Hey, guys.” Sora's Spirits joined in the chatter with the other Spirits. Leo is new to the idea of Keyholes himself, but he has gathered that they're important and they're disappearance problematic.

It was a problem Sora was pretty sure they could solve. They just needed to find the Keyholes. “I was thinking we could check out Fifth District and the Greenhouse. I know we fought the big Nightmare there and then the Keyhole was in Second District, but I when I went through this before, the Keyholes all appeared where the big Nightmares were fought. It seems possible it could be there now. And we can also look at some other spots on the way there, like the big fountain in Fountain Plaza.”
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After all the time spent whacking away at Nightmares in Twilight Town, Edge figured he could probably take a good guess as to where the Keyhole was.

His first stop was the old mansion, of course; nothing said 'obvious place to look for something out of place' than that.
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Since Eraqus was already in Twilight Town, he figured it would be best to start here. None of the worlds here were ones he knew exceptionally well, but he'd been in this one in the dream realm long enough to remember how the Mansion had been a place of importance. He showed up quickly with Yaza and Gengo in tow...Gengo for the potential muscle, and Yaza since he seemed to be good at finding things, even if finding him was a chore in of itself.

He spotted Edge already there, and strode up, face grim but determined. "Back here once again, it seems."
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"Once again?" He glanced over his shoulder, then turned with a snap of his cape to face the older man. It was all calculated for presentation, the very height of melodrama. "There's a history here I don't know about, then."

Nearby, his own Dream Eaters wandered out of the tiny forest -- Raijin and Pin, today.
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More than fashionably late, but can a Xion join in?

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For Xion, Twilight Town was home, so of course she would investigate it's missing Keyhole. Today she'd brought Barkley and her new Juggle Pup, Flipper.

The old mansion was one of her first stops, too, but she arrived after the others. Seeing Eraqus already there, she hung back at first. Then Barkley nudged her forward and, well, she had an idea about the answer to Edge's question. "It's where we first found the Keyhole."
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Sadly for Edge, the melodrama didn't leave much impact on Eraqus. He was about to answer, when he noticed Xion's arrival, and she answered Edge's question for him. He turned back towards the mansion, and nodded.

"Even if it's not seen now, there may be clues as to where it's gone, or if it's still hidden here," Eraqus said, determined. "We need to find them as soon as possible."
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The point wasn't to impress with melodrama. The point was to live it! He shot Xion a charming look by way of hello hat would have been a charming smile if he didn't routinely wear a mask, then turned back to face the mansion -- with another snap of the cape. "I thought it was suspicious. It's so out-of-place it begs to be investigated."

He motioned to it for the benefit of everyone before leading the way to the gates.
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Unfortunately for Edge, melodrama tended to go over Xion's head no matter what it's purpose. At most, she was somewhat reminded of others she'd known who'd enjoyed showmanship. She did smile back at him, though, before hurrying to catch up. "We investigated it before; that's when some of the others found the Keyhole."

She hadn't been part of the group, but she'd heard about it later.
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Eraqus sighed at the dramatics, but didn't pay them much mind, and walked up to the mansion entrance. It remained as quiet as ever, but that didn't mean there wasn't something going on here. Gengo shuffled along behind him, watching carefully that he didn't accidentally bump into Xion or the other two's Spirits.

"Keep your eyes and ears alert." Not to mention their hearts...if something big was here, they would probably feel it there first.
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Xion nodded in response to Eraqus's words of caution. Eyes and ears she could definitely keep alert. Heart was another thing where she was concerned, but all that time spent in the Organization made her fairly alert to sudden appearances made by nasties.

It also meant that by now she was switching into mission mode. Summoning her Keyblade, she looked around as they approached the mansion. "We should probably start at the top floor and work our way down, or start at the basement and work our way up."

The less time they spent backtracking over ground already covered, the better.
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"Do we split up to go faster or do we stick together for safety?" Either way worked for him, and he was honestly doing his best to assume that Xion could handle herself. He was more used to girls who supported from the back with magic, rather than those who joined the warriors up front... "Spirit support ought to be enough for trivial Nightmares, but there is a chance we'll find one of the large ones."
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Having taken Wash's advice, North headed straight for the Mother of Invention. If something was up there, he'd probably be able to spot it fairly quickly.

"Theta, keep the trackers on, and let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary."

"On it," The AI replied, though he stayed out, casting a small purple glow around them.
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While Ammy didn't know this world very well, and wasn't fond of its complete lack of nature, she still wanted to help find these things, as they sounded vitally important. And to be fair, she didn't know any of the worlds in this realm well, so she might as well just go where she was needed.

She arrived to at least see a familiar face (or a familiar helmet? The colors were certainly familiar), and trotted up to North. Maybe her nose could be of some use here...although for what, she wasn't certain.

Konohana and Susano trailed not far behind her, in the likely event of trouble.
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Ammy appeared on Theta's trackers fairly quickly, which caused North to look up and nod at the wolf. He smiles, but it's behind his helmet and he kneels down, unsure if he could offer a pet or not. Cactus and Tank scuttle over to her dream eaters.

"Hey! Here to help?" he asked. "I was just waiting to see if anyone else was going to show."

Wash was adamant about sticking together, and really, North didn't want to get caught by himself in a place like this again.
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"Then you won't be waiting much longer."

Her stride doesn't have a spring to it, but Carolina seems to have more energy now that there is a clear and present threat to investigate, compared to the drained moping that seemed to follow the disappearance of dreamers and the return of the portals. (She'd deny it, but that's certainly what it was, a real sense of what-is-the-point having taken over.)

Lela trots happily at her heels, mewing a polite greeting to the familiar NorthPerson, before kitty-bowing to Amaterasu.
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Ammy gave a brief tail wag to North, and then again when the others showed up. Of course, with so many Spirits around, that meant a whole lot of passing out treats...good thing she always kept plenty on paw. She spent a little bit of time passing out chocolates, ice creams and cookies to any Spirits nearby, including her own, although they had to wait until last. She figured whatever was happening, they'd need some happy and alert Spirits to deal with it!

All that settled, she put her nose to the ground and began sniffing. She figured whatever she was looking for, she'd know when she smelled it. And that failing, she was also on the lookout for any enemies.
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You mind someone late to the party?

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Well, part of him knew he shouldn't be here.... But he knows what to expect, and this time, he can handle it. Once in a while, he'd looked into the place anyway. And if you go by familiarity, that's no place here he wouldn't know better by nature.

He looks around the bridge warily, regardless. "Hey guys,,,"
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Cactus accepted Ammy's treat with a happy noise and munched it down quickly while Tank eyed his carefully before deciding to save it. This might be a long mission after all, and he wouldn't want to beg.

North nodded to both Carolina and Wash, glad to know that he was in good company. He was about to say something when Theta brightened suddenly, and he looked over.

"Hey Church! You made it just in time. We were about to head out."

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The wolf gets a nod, before a look is given to both North and Wash; she and Wash may have been increasingly on the outs lately, but this much she knows they can do as a team. She can't quite help but sigh at Epsilon, however - but at least Allison knows what she'd doing.

Lela all but spins around, making happy noises at her treat. "Do we want to stick together as one group, or split in two to investigate the decks?" The training room had held the final battle but people had been attacked in different locations, including one particularly vicious trap with waves of nightmares.
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Ammy smiled at all of the Spirits getting their treats. Those little things still made her happy! Not smelling anything unusual off the bat, she looked up as one other entered. She sensed a little unease there, but didn't know all of the history between these armored folks.

While normally she didn't much like the idea of splitting up, they may have to do so here to cover as much ground as possible. And well, they were all capable, right? She gave a give of a shrug and whine back to Carolina...she was fine with it if they had to.
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Well, no question that Celestia was among those most qualified to investigate Equestria. Without any delay, the alicorn winged her way through the portal. Her first intended stop, of course, was the statue of Nightmare Moon,
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Naoto wouldn't have called herself particularly qualified to head back into this portal, out of all of them - even after having learned that familiarising herself with the layout of the place was the best lead she had, she'd been avoiding this world as long as she could. Well, no longer. With the situation apparently coming to a head one way or another, she had to admit she'd rather charge into a trap armed with as much foreknowledge as possible than any alternative.

Not that she intended to fall in, if she could help it. For that matter, she wasn't yet sold on this idea that the keyholes were what they needed to look out for, following that ominous message. Still, a starting point was a starting point.

If she hadn't worn herself out early zipping across the town, she might not have stopped by this statue at all. But stop she did, her slate-blue wings beating just level with its horn.

"The monster that appeared in Traverse Town," she said aloud, mostly to collect her own thoughts. "Perhaps there's a deeper connection..."

The part she didn't say was that she'd be much quicker to spot such a connection if she'd spent more time investigating the statue before. No use regretting that now, though.
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"I do not know if you know, but this is where the Nightmare version of Nightmare Moon first appeared. And I really must think of a way to say that without being so redundant." She made light of the situation to covers its darkness, and the anger and pain the sight of the corrupted version of her corrupted sister brought and continued to bring with each thought.
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"I didn't, in fact," said Naoto with a small smile, completely missing the undertones. "Would that be why you came to check on this area first?"

It was an honest question, or at least intended to be. Judging from the ominous atmosphere, the facsimile of this town may not have been stable in to begin with, let alone perfect in every detail - but the fact remained that Celestia was better positioned to determine that than Naoto was.
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Dammit, having wings was a definite advantage here. As soon as Kanji had realised what Naoto was up to, he'd set off in pursuit - after all, he'd had experience fighting on four legs. She hadn't as much.

So here, then, was a rather annoyed looking purple earth pony, glaring at his friend from home as he arrived. "Have ya always gotta do this?" he asked, sighing, before giving the Princess a nod.
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"The pattern allegedly established by other powerful Nightmares was that the defeat of each triggered an event linked to the appearance of these 'keyholes'," Naoto said, quite patiently, with a nod towards the statue - not too dramatic a gesture, of course, for fear of another hat-related mishap. She didn't expound on the connection with the behaviour of the TV world that she'd already formed, though; until she confirmed everything, it could well be coincidence. "However, by all accounts, no such event has occurred here. Surely that struck you as anomalous too, Kanji-kun?"

The idea that he might have been referring to something more general hadn't yet crossed her mind.
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That was fine. The understones were intended to be missed; that was why thwy were undertones. Celestia offered a somber bow to Kanji as he arrived.

"That is why I came here. That and I am not certain what other areas are significant to whatever power holds us, besides possibly the library." Celestia moved forward, lowering her head to begin her search at the statue's base.
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feel free to skip my turns or godmode whatever for now btw.

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A bow from a Princess. Definitely a bit awkward where Kanji was concerned.

"Eh, I just figured that with everything happenin' here last time it was as good a place's any to start." He paused. "That and someone flew off in this direction."
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There's not much to be found at the base of the statue, or in the area at all. Looks like the keyhole's not here.
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"In any case, I'm glad you're here. My apologies if I worried you." She gave him another calm smile. An extra pair of eyes couldn't hurt on an investigation like this, especially in the dim light; an extra pair of eyes she knew she could trust, much more conclusively than her professional standards were yet willing to grant Celestia, was even better. "I'll defer to your familiarity with this world."

With a few careful wingbeats, still a little clumsier than she hoped either of the two would notice, she started to descend.

That turned out to be long enough for her sharp detective instincts to pick up on a couple of new deductions, if not on any of Kanji's implications. "...I take it nothing particularly obvious is amiss?" she said, presently.
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If Celestia noticed the clumsiness, she made no comment at all about it.

"I see no signs of the Keyhole or any tampering, magical or mundane." Celestia shook her head. Well, she hadn't expected it to be that easy, but there had always been hope.

"If we had access to further in, I would say the old castle would be the next logical step. But lacking that, I am inclined to say we should return to Ponyville and check the buildings of note there, starting with the library."
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Damn. That meant her initial hunch had been mistaken. "No signs of tampering either... I see," said Naoto, careful not to sound as put out as she felt. The less she gave away, the better. "I do recall being pointed toward the library during an earlier investigation. It was linked to the so-called Elements of Harmony in its original location, yes?"

She hovered just above the ground for a pensive second, reluctant to land.

"Under more normal circumstances," she said eventually, "I might suggest splitting up and reporting back here in order to cover more ground, but that seems unwise before we know the nature of our foe." In any case, she wouldn't get away with it - thank goodness she had such trustworthy friends. "Shall we?"
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Ah, well. No getting through to some people. Kanji smiled back.

The library, though? "Yeah, that'd make sense. We're wastin' time hanging around here, then - let's go." He started to move off, but keeping an eye on the flyers as he did so. Dammit, they'd better not leave him down here!
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No need to worry; Celestia set off at a walk, mindful that her companions seemed more comfortable on the ground and in the air. "I was the one who thought the library would be a place worth checking. It is the home of my dear student Twilight Sparkle, and thus has been the resting place of the Elements of Harmony for some time."
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"It was in your reality, you mean," Naoto pointed out, not trying to be pedantic. If she was still a little annoyed that poking around the library last time had led to her missing the biggest lead of all, she wasn't conscious of it.

For now, she more or less kept pace with Kanji, fluttering a little ways overhead and doing her best not to think too hard about it. The latter was easier said than done.

"May I ask how you determined the absence of tampering?" she added.