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brodakota ([personal profile] brodakota) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-07-27 04:38 pm

The search begins

Who: North and anyone else
What: Exploring Ponyville for an acceptable safehouse
Where: Ponyville
When: All day
Warnings: None at the moment

After discussing the idea the of a safehouse with everyone else, North knew that Ponyville was going to be the best place to start.

He knew the Mother of Invention well enough to determine the best places to defend from or barricade in, and it would really just take  a quick inspection to make sure he'd chosen correctly. Twilight Town and Traverse Town would also be pretty easy and all that really left was set-up.

Which left Ponyville. And that world was going to require some thinking. After all, he had to account for the fact that everyone was a pony. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to find a place for all types of ponies to be safe, and to store food and other comfort items, but fortifications and potential weapons were going to be a little more difficult. North didn't mind being a pony, to be honest, but not having hands was a really big drawback.

And so he trotted around Ponyville, Theta on his back, looking for the best place to start.

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