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Edge of Eblan ([personal profile] onehandsomeslickninja) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-07-26 04:18 pm
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Throwdown: The Ninja Strikes

Who: Edge and open
What: Burn some stress by slashin' some Nightmares
Where: Twilight Town and the Mother of Invention
When: All day.
Warnings: Violence and tasteless flirtations for the ladies.

Every so often, the roar of massive flames washed through the halls of the great spaceship, and the alleys of the half-lit town.

With Murasame in his left hand and Masamune in his right, the ninja cut swathes through the Nightmares that rose from the shadows to assault him. Light on his feet and strong with his hand, he ducked and dodged around their blows, rolling to the side to avoid a furious lunge from a Jestabocky or a Keeba Tiger while Raijin thunders blast after blast into them from the fringes of battle. Pin pranced around in oblivious joy, casting Sleep spells left and right. A few swift gestures with Edge's hands summoned lightning in crackling bursts to rake through his foes.

Nightmare after Nightmare burst into a flood of figments and munny which Edge only bothered to pick up for the sake of form. After all these days here, all these weeks, his frustration had grown to the boiling point, and this was his only release.

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