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Throwdown: The Ninja Strikes

Who: Edge and open
What: Burn some stress by slashin' some Nightmares
Where: Twilight Town and the Mother of Invention
When: All day.
Warnings: Violence and tasteless flirtations for the ladies.

Every so often, the roar of massive flames washed through the halls of the great spaceship, and the alleys of the half-lit town.

With Murasame in his left hand and Masamune in his right, the ninja cut swathes through the Nightmares that rose from the shadows to assault him. Light on his feet and strong with his hand, he ducked and dodged around their blows, rolling to the side to avoid a furious lunge from a Jestabocky or a Keeba Tiger while Raijin thunders blast after blast into them from the fringes of battle. Pin pranced around in oblivious joy, casting Sleep spells left and right. A few swift gestures with Edge's hands summoned lightning in crackling bursts to rake through his foes.

Nightmare after Nightmare burst into a flood of figments and munny which Edge only bothered to pick up for the sake of form. After all these days here, all these weeks, his frustration had grown to the boiling point, and this was his only release.
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It's curiosity that's brought the Doctor out to the Mother of Invention. Well, that and the fact that there might be something of interest there. Not, of course, that he's had any sort of luck finding things of use thus far, but hope springs ever eternal and it's far more likely that he'll find something here than anywhere else.

On the other hand, finding someone else wandering the halls is just as welcome a sight, as Harry - ever the curious Pricklemane - bounds on over to says hello to Raijin and Pin, now that the battle seems to be over for a time. Janis, on the other hand, seems to be quite to content to stay near the Doctor himself, as he follows at something of a distance.

"Looking for anything in particular?"
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"An outlet... yes, I suppose that would be a useful thing. Especially with things - and people! - having been kept all in one place up until just recently. But you know, there are other options. Why sit and wait for whatever happens to happen when there might be a way to make things happen, eh?"

What those are, he isn't quite sure, yet. But there's always something that can be poked at or looked into and just because it's a realm of dreams doesn't mean that it shouldn't still follow the same patterns as anywhere else. It might make things a little harder to figure out, but he's never been one to balk at a challenge and he doesn't mean to start, either.
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"Oh, not yet."

It's the truth, for all that it's not helpful. He's still figuring out how everything works, in the long run. But that doesn't mean that there's nothing to be found here. He's found a person to talk to, after all! And that means that there's probably some sort of information to be found here. What that information is, he can't say, but it's still something.

"I'm still working on it, you see."
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By being very liberal about the meanings. And he almost always has a plan, or can find one besides. It's just that sometimes he doesn't know what they are until he really has found it properly. But as that's neither here not there, he doesn't care to mention it. Not when there are other things at hand.

"Well of course it isn't! If all our problems were as easily solved as that we wouldn't still be here!"
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"Then wouldn't you expect there to not be any Nightmares in any of the other worlds then the most recent? Or would they have all managed to sneak back in after the newest world was opened?"

Not that he really knows which worlds have been opened in which orders, but surely there would have had to have been more opened than just the one. Still, he rather doubts that the trigger for opening up a new world would be something quite so involved. That there's something that goes into it, that he has no doubts on, but not that it would be something involving so much work.
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"If the rules change then what's the point of sticking to them?"

Of course, he says that having made a habit of ignoring the rules wherever possible, but he'd like to think that it still holds true, in the end. Enough to make poking into things worthwhile and just because they're stuck in a dream doesn't mean they have to sit idly by. Or so he'd certainly like to think.
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"Is anyone actually making an attempt?"

He asks mostly because he really doesn't know, and so the question has much less sting to it then it might have at any other time. Taking one's frustrations out on whatever might happen to be convenient is certainly not a bad plan, but it's not a plan that much goes anywhere.
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"Haven't found anything that looks like a clue, maybe," the Doctor counters. "But that doesn't mean that something isn't a clue. Just that it doesn't look like one."

Of course, there might really not be any clues either. But the Doctor's not entirely willing to rule that out just yet. Not when things are still changing all around them. In a manner of speaking, anyway.
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Sorry so late, but how about some CR for these two?

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With the worlds open, Xion could often be found wandering around Twilight Town once again. Having confirmed that there was nothing new aside from a new kind of Nightmare, she'd fallen back into her usual solo Nightmare hunting routine.

She hadn't expected to see many other people. Most of the others lived in Traverse Town, though some had moved back to their old places in Ponyville or on the Mother of Invention. So she was surprised to see fire and lightning magic up ahead not long after she finished dealing with a Keeba Tiger and Toximander duo.

Xion hurried in the direction of the spells, Keyblade at the ready and Spirits alert. She wanted to help whoever it was if they needed help, but she wouldn't be able to if she was careless enough to get hurt herself.

Fortunately, the battle ended before she got there. Xion arrived in time to see Edge picking up items the Nightmares had dropped. As she took a moment to catch her breath, Pooh simply stepped forward to help pick up things.
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Xion tensed for moment, then relaxed when Edge put up his swords. Pooh might be a silly old bear, but it was hard not to see that he was friendly. He patiently gathered up the last of the fallen items and then held them out to Edge. No worries, he knew who the shinies belonged to. Now, maybe they could all go and find some honey.

"He usually doesn't get mixed up." Xion had caught her breath and thought she should probably say something to clear up any misconceptions.
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Pooh tried to imitate Edge's gesture, but unfortunately it didn't work. Bother not having thumbs. He settled for smiling instead. A reward sounded nice, but it wasn't necessary.

If Edge looked closely, he'd notice that Xion looked puzzled by the "cute girl" remark. It was only there for a moment, though, because she latched onto his question pretty quickly. "His favorite is honey, but he likes the Block-It Chocolates, too."
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It wasn't anything personal on Xion's part. Flirting was something that tended to fly over her head, thanks to her rather spotty social education.

Pooh happily accepted the chocolate and began eating it. While not honey, it was still good. Xion gave a small smile. "Your welcome, and thanks for the chocolate for him."
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Poor Edge, if that was the case.

Xion smiled, and was about to answer when before Raijin stepped in. Sidestepping him to avoid being knocked into was easy, though, and once that was taken care of she gave Edge a curious look. "Some people give permission to do that?"

'Bowl over' was, fortunately, a phrase she'd heard thanks to Demyx.
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Xion blinked and took a moment to parse what Edge had said. He might not talk like Even or Ienzo, but he used some words she's not as used to. Ded Replicas or Nobodies count as fiends? She didn't think so, but this wasn't the time to go into that. "I'm not going to attack you, but thanks for thinking I might not want him too close."

Hugs and allowing people within her personal space weren't something Xion was used to, so Edge's concern was appreciated. For his part, Pooh carefully stepped in to help with Raijin. His person doesn't like people getting too close, if you please.
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Xion does look interested by that list bit of information. "You're a king? Like Mickey?"

Sorry, Edge, the only king she's had much experience with is His Mousejesty. At least she seems a little impressed?

Meanwhile, Pooh gives Raijin a sympathetic pat. His Person will warm up eventually. Meanwhile, does Raijin like honey?
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King was still king, even if Xion hadn't heard of the place. "No, I haven't. What's it like?"

Watch out, Edge. Appeal to her curiosity to get her out of a shy mode, and she'll have a lot of questions.

Of course Raijin was very solemn and dignified; Pooh could see that. Still, honey was honey, and if Raijin wanted to join him for a small smackerel, he wouldn't say no.
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Well, at least it wouldn't be considered annoying. "Cute" wasn't something Xion heard as a word describing her, either. It might be a nice change, she wasn't sure. Edge is giving her plenty to be curious about, too. "So there's different countries where you're from? And ninjas?"

Modesty rarely entered into consideration with a few others Xion knew, it was all good.
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That he does.

"What other countries are there where you're from?" Xion was used to entire worlds being fairly compact, so 'countries' was a new concept to her. "Are there other kinds of fighters besides ninjas?"

She'll be asking about the monsters in a minute. Pooh sighed. Now that his Person had started with the questions, they were sure to be here for a while. It was definitely time to go find that honey.