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Mission 5

Who: Xion and YOU
What: Xion checks out Twilight Town and changes there
Where: Twilight Town
When: Not long after Wash's comm post
Warnings: Potential for running into Nightmares?

Xion hurried to Twilight Town as soon as she could after she finished talking to Agent Washington. Of course, she'd probably be on her way there even if she hadn't volunteered to do recon for any changes. She'd missed the freedom of going to different worlds, Twilight Town especially. She was also one of the few who knew the town well enough to know if anything seemed off.

Speaking of the others, she'd promised Wash she'd call help. But it was okay to take just a minute to look around for herself, right? She had Pooh and Lightning with her, and a good amount of Potions and Ethers, so she'd be okay.

Before she knew it she was through the portal and making her way to the Tram Commons.

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