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Mission 5

Who: Xion and YOU
What: Xion checks out Twilight Town and changes there
Where: Twilight Town
When: Not long after Wash's comm post
Warnings: Potential for running into Nightmares?

Xion hurried to Twilight Town as soon as she could after she finished talking to Agent Washington. Of course, she'd probably be on her way there even if she hadn't volunteered to do recon for any changes. She'd missed the freedom of going to different worlds, Twilight Town especially. She was also one of the few who knew the town well enough to know if anything seemed off.

Speaking of the others, she'd promised Wash she'd call help. But it was okay to take just a minute to look around for herself, right? She had Pooh and Lightning with her, and a good amount of Potions and Ethers, so she'd be okay.

Before she knew it she was through the portal and making her way to the Tram Commons.
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The moment he'd heard that Twilight Town was open again, Roxas was there.

He'd gone at first to his room to make sure it was still intact, with what meager things he had there. Satisfied, he decided to roam the town, and make sure nothing had changed there either. He didn't think he could handle that.

Plus it was nice to be out in the sunlight again, and not in the constant darkness of Traverse Town.

He made his way to the Tram Commons, figuring that was the best place to start his investigation.
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"Hi Xion," Roxas replied with a wave. He looked a little brighter than he had in the past while. Even the loss of friends was not enough to stave off the happiness he felt when he made it home.

"Are you here to look around to?"
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"I'm doing the same thing, more for my own interests. I haven't seen anything new yet though."

And Roxas is glad for it. Change is something he is not fond of.

"But I haven't seen the whole town yet."
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"Yeah, let's do that!" Roxas said, with a nod. "We'll be able to take down any nightmares that show up faster with two of us."

Not that he couldn't take on the nightmares on his own, but he didn't want to spend all his time fighting them off.
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"Sounds like a good plan to me," Roxas replied with a nod. He had to do some work after all, otherwise having a reward just wouldn't feel right.

"Where do you want to start?"
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"Okay, but I think we should be thorough about this. Probably go down into the tunnels since weird stuff tends to happen then, and then into Sunset Terrace as well."

Twilight Town was special to him, and he wanted to make sure all of it was okay.
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"Yup. I think I remember the way," Roxas nodded, motioning for Xion to follow them. The tunnels were a pretty decent maze but Roxas was pretty certain he knew where to go.
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"Yeah, they're over here. You have enough potions, right?"

He wasn't about to delve into an area with a lot of nightmares without being prepared. He'd learned that lesson in Ponyville.
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"Good. I have some to, but hopefully we won't need too many of them"

And it's into the tunnels they go.
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And surprises there were. Roxas is about to respond when he turns a corner and nightmares explode into being. His keyblade is out immediately as he jumps back.

"Careful! There's one I've never seen before."
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"Well, here they come!" Roxas yelled, jumping back and blocking an attack from a meow wow, as Bouncer bounds forward for a meow wounce.

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Roxas stares down the new dream eater, a rhinoceros by the looks of it, before charging forward, only to be knocked back. Frontal assault was probably not going to work.
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"That thing's tough," Roxas said, with a quick nod of thanks for the cover. "I think we need a new strategy."
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"I'm gonna try getting behind it, since it seems to have a charge attack," Roxas said. Although he was hesitant to ask about a distraction.
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"Be careful," Roxas said. He trusted Xion, but if she got hurt, he'd feel bad since this was his plan. "Don't take any risks and if it starts to charge you, get out of the way."
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Roxas rolled as the nightmare ran past, getting to his feet to aim his keyblade and throwing it at the nightmare's back, which seemed to have some effect.

"Aim for it's back!"
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In a fit of bravery, Bouncer charged, bounding up to land a meow wounce right on the rhino's back while it was distracted. The rhino reared up, before digging under the ground.

"Look out!"
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If he'd though that Traverse Town was bright, stepping into the sunset of Twilight Town was even more blinding. He actually stumbled for a moment, finding a wall to lean against, his eyes scrunched up tightly. It took a long time for him to be able to open them even to slits, one hand up to his brow in an attempt to shield himself from the light. His pricklemane stayed close, watching carefully, not sure what the old User was doing.

What he could see was fantastic though, and it didn't take long for him to want to keep going despite the fact. Sensing Flynn's desire, Sam wrapped his tail around Flynn's hand in an attempt to steer him, and he began to wander.

Upon reaching Sunset Hill Flynn decided to sit down, taking in the full scope of the scenery. With the spirit there to watch his back he sat down in that straight-backed posture, closing his eyes and taking in the scenery with all of his other senses. Every day he had meditated to nothing but steel and stone and underlying code. Today when he knocked on the sky, colour responded in hues long since faded from his mind's eye.