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There's a Pun About Necessity In Here Somewhere

Who: Wash and Ziva
What: Well, someone has to go check out the recently reopened Mother of Invention, right?
When: After the portals reopen
Where: The Mother of Invention
Warnings: They're pretty much their own warnings at this point.

Wash wasn't always the easiest person to convince, especially when he was damn sure he was right. Unfortunately, the only battles he tended to win were the ones where he took somewhat extreme measures, and he wasn't willing to sabotage his relationship with Ziva. He didn't particularly want to have to sleep in the hall for the foreseeable future.

He'd just have to keep an eye on her. And on his motion trackers. And hope that whatever good luck he might still have held. If his usual luck held instead...well, he'd get her out and deal with the consequences. It was pretty paranoid, yes, but it had kept him alive so far.

If he was still alive, that was.

He shook his head, waiting for her to come through the portal and watching Melody give Carmen what looked to be a very serious lecture in the meantime.