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Prepare for Ponies

Who: Clint Barton and OPEN
What: Clint goes off to check Ponyville, even with warnings he's not quite prepared.
Where: Ponyville
When: Mid-morning
Warnings: None should be needed

Despite warnings, Clint decided he'd check out Ponyville. It wasn't his fault he couldn't shake his curiosity, though he'd probably regret it in the long run. Besides, the talk about other worlds had been driving him crazy and he wanted to get out there and check them out. Why not start with the crazy world that could turn people into rainbow colored, flying unicorn ponies? After breakfast he set off with Pinhead and Count in tow to check it out and do a little scouting.

Clint was through the portal and on the other side without much trouble. He didn't really feel any different until he stepped out in Ponyville. Of course that was to be expected seeing as he was now on four hooves instead of two legs. The really troubling part was that he was just now realizing that his arrows were going to be useless. He frowned at the hooves, "I am not going to be able to use a bow like this." Of course, as soon as he said it he decided that was just a challenge he was going to have to overcome.

Other changes included that he now had a purple body, though his mane and tail color were the same blonde he had for hair. The cutie mark, though he couldn't see it yet, was a bow and arrow as well. It wouldn't surprise him when he saw it at some point.

Count flew into Clint's side and he winced, "Ow! What was that for?" Clint's new wings spread out to knock Count back. Clint blinked in surprise, "Oh..."
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Roxas had wandered into Ponyville on a whim mostly. He wasn't overly fond of being a pony, but he also knew that if there was a keyhole, it would likely be here. And now that it was back, it was time to resume the search.

Although that idea had changed when he'd encountered his first group of nightmares. Those Lions weren't there before, and cool as they were, they were also hard to fight off. He was going to need more potions, and everyone else should know as well.

He was heading back towards the portal when he noticed Clint.

"Yeah, holding things is a bit hard without fingers. I mostly have to use magic."
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"Don't try to run," Roxas replied simply. "You kinda have to let...the pony side of things take over. Don't over-think your feet because you can get confused really easily."

He's speaking from personal experience, often having to remind himself to keep his head up so that he doesn't stumble.

"I'm just heading back to get potions and a few other things. There's a new nightmare here that's pretty strong. I think it's called the Aura Lion."
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"Fighting's also where you have to let the pony instincts take over," Roxas explained. "And having your spirits really does help. They can do a lot of damage."

Bouncer wuffs and puffs up his chest. He's very good at protecting his person.

"Look, let me get those potions and I'll be right back. I'll look around with you. I know the area well enough."
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With the worlds once again being open it should hardly have come as any real surprise that the first thing the Doctor did was see just what sort of other worlds there were. Not, of course, that he's spent much time in any of them yet, but in all fairness he's been a little distracted by the fact that he's suddenly more equine than he'd been mere moments before.

Still, he's adjusted to having four legs instead of only two easily enough and if he's not entirely certain how he's meant to hold things like this, but he supposes he can figure that out a little later. Right now he's a little more interested in the appearance of someone else who isn't looking so human.

"Ah, no, I don't think using a bow is going to be terribly easy. Not unless it's something like a crossbow, anyway, and even then it might prove to be a little inconvenient."
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"Oh, they probably could be made with a different mechanism," he answers with something that's ony sort of like a shrug, but is probably the best that he's going to be able to manage while being a pony. "But it would take a certain amount of looking into."

And given that he has no real interest in ay sort of bow, he'll leave the rest of that to Clint. He's never really minded searches of any sort, but it does certainly help if there's something of interest to him at the other end of things. (And right now he's more caught up in the fact that they're both brightly colored ponies, or at least ponies that come in more colors than most.)

"But no, I haven't been here before. You?"
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"I wouldn't mind having a look around. After all, what else is one supposed to do, with a new world?"

In fact, his whole life is going to new worlds and exploring, and the grin on his face (as odd as it might look, on the face of a pony) says that he'd be more than willing to do a spot of exploring. It's why he's come out to this world in the first place after all and exploring with someone means that there'll be at least someone for him to talk to. Or at, if that becomes more relevant.

"And who knows, maybe we'll find something interesting, out here."
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