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Namine ([personal profile] colorbymemory) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-07-13 10:39 pm

Thirteenth Link

Who: Namine and YOU
What: Namine takes some time to practice magic
Where: Traverse Town, Fourth District.
When: Sometime in what would be the afternoon
Warnings: None should be needed

Normally, Namine would have been one of the first to revisit Twilight Town when it opened again. She'd missed the chance to visit. Before she could, though, she'd seen the conversations on the communicators about possible new, more dangerous Nightmares. If that was the case, she should wait until others had verified the worlds were safe.

For right now, Traverse Town was safe enough and she hadn't been able to get out to practice her magic much. She knew she should practice her fire and lightning spells, since they were her weakest, but they were also her least favorite and the most difficult for her to cast. She decided to start with Blizzard. It was a good warm up.

Her new Iceguin Ace, Frosty, seemed to like it as well. When she froze a patch of ground, he dove and slid, Archimedes flapping in the air around him as if demanding why he was acting so undignified. It was so funny, Namine couldn't help laughing.

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