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白鐘直斗 ⋅ Naoto Shirogane ([personal profile] fatemeter) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-06-30 09:22 am

my spell of hours will make you fall [open]

Who: Naoto, Sam the Komory Bat, and whoever cares to trip over either of them.
What: When you sense your assumptions about a world starting to crumble, a little stroll in the evening is good for the soul - never mind that it's always evening here, and most such strolls don't involve furtively laying magical traps as you go.
When: A short while before the Spellican battle
Where: The rooftops of Traverse Town
Warnings: Nothing so far!

A tiny speck among the neon lights, Sam the Komory Bat traces a wide circle in the evening air before landing back on the window ledge with a confident squeak.

"Understood. ...Thank you."

Lightly, carefully, Naoto swings her other leg over and lets her feet touch down on the tiles.

A quick scan of the surrounding rooftops confirms no sign of their target either. She assures herself that's a good thing. There's a difference between the kind of calculated planning she prides herself on and being needlessly reckless. Now, then - according to her notes, which she's going to have to scrounge up more paper for soon, a good location for disrupting the monster's apparently fixed route would be -

- a spot where somebody is already standing? Or is that a trick of the light? Naoto blinks, for a fleeting moment too surprised to remember her manners.

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