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my spell of hours will make you fall [open]

Who: Naoto, Sam the Komory Bat, and whoever cares to trip over either of them.
What: When you sense your assumptions about a world starting to crumble, a little stroll in the evening is good for the soul - never mind that it's always evening here, and most such strolls don't involve furtively laying magical traps as you go.
When: A short while before the Spellican battle
Where: The rooftops of Traverse Town
Warnings: Nothing so far!

A tiny speck among the neon lights, Sam the Komory Bat traces a wide circle in the evening air before landing back on the window ledge with a confident squeak.

"Understood. ...Thank you."

Lightly, carefully, Naoto swings her other leg over and lets her feet touch down on the tiles.

A quick scan of the surrounding rooftops confirms no sign of their target either. She assures herself that's a good thing. There's a difference between the kind of calculated planning she prides herself on and being needlessly reckless. Now, then - according to her notes, which she's going to have to scrounge up more paper for soon, a good location for disrupting the monster's apparently fixed route would be -

- a spot where somebody is already standing? Or is that a trick of the light? Naoto blinks, for a fleeting moment too surprised to remember her manners.
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Fraser tucks away his spyglass, looking around at the rooftops, and pauses as he sees a small figure with a Komory Bat fluttering nearby. Someone else is up here? And so close. They must be tracking the Spellican as well.

He hops down over the eaves of the first building to a flatter section of tiles, and starts toward the other person.
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"Good evening," Fraser replies, stopping a few paces away, where he can converse without risking raising his own voice. "It's no trouble -- and I don't believe we've met. Benton Fraser, RCMP."

He's struck by the urge to explain his presence, still, every time he starts an introduction... but here it needs no explanation. They are all dreamers.

With less stealth, his Meow Wow lunges over the rooftops after him.
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Fraser hides a smile, smooths his eyebrow with the back of his thumb, and clears his throat.

"Tracking our stray bird," he says, and leans to the side, squinting into the streets in the direction that the Spellican should be approaching from. No sign of it yet. He checks his watch. "If it's maintaining a consistent pace, we should see it again in... five minutes and twenty-one seconds."
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"I could ask you the same question," Fraser pointed out, raising his eyebrows at the teen. "But my answer is no. I'm collecting data."

Trudeau lost his footing and rolled sideways with a surprised squeak until he fetched up against Fraser's ankle, and Fraser looked down at him, sighing.

He really did miss Diefenbaker.
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"Over the eaves there and down onto the pile of boxes behind," Fraser said promptly. "I am afraid I have been forced to recognize my mystical limits."

Seeing ghosts was more of a personal problem than a talent, considering that it was limited to a certain one. Although of course he hadn't seen his father since arriving; he'd taken to checking closets at random, hoping to winkle him out via surprise.

Not, that is, that Fraser missed him, necessarily. He was just becoming paranoid about where he might pop up next.
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Fraser nodded, gaze flicking to the empty spot on the roof tiles, and circled around Naoto to clear her field of vision. He had to admit he was curious about her plans.

She was young, but she seemed appropriately serious -- and he'd met so many teenagers here with overwhelming magical powers of one sort or another that he had begun almost to expect it.

"Will this do?" he said, stopping as he drew level with her.
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Fraser was, he had to admit, a little alarmed. He didn't fall off the roof and he only recoiled slightly from the sudden bright light; really, he was doing quite well, he thought.

He did have to grab Trudeau before the panicked Meow Wow hurled himself from the eaves.

"What is that?" he asked, straightening his hat, and tucking the Spirit into the crook of his arm.