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past the breaking point [closed]

Who: Donna and the metacrisis Doctor.
What: Secrets are harder to keep locked up tight when you're human. Or maybe he's just become incompetent.
When: After Jeeves is noticeably gone.
Where: Traverse Town, home.
Warnings: ANGST. Doctor Who s4 finale major spoilers!

The funny thing about breaking points is that they always exist, even in dreams, even if you try to pretend they're not real.

The Doctor's room is more of a mess than usual. The mess spills out into the hall, and even Harkness doesn't dare enter, just hiding on the fringes, keeping low to the ground and looking as worried as a Dream Eater can manage. Wires, scraps of metal, clock fragments. He's perched at his desk over some awful looking device that might belong in a horror movie, which isn't what it was supposed to be at all--it was supposed to be elegant and lovely and Jeeves would have liked it.

He swipes his arms across the desk and everything crashes to the floor around him. His elbows hit the surface and he holds his head. Regret. He's not new to regret. It hides in a nice home in his mind, sidling along between the lines of anger and happiness.

Jeeves was supposed to be here and they were supposed to talk, but who the hell can the Doctor talk to, now?!

Harkness bolts from his spot outside the hall, too shaken up by his human, and maybe he can find someone that can help, or maybe he'll just hide further away.

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