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past the breaking point [closed]

Who: Donna and the metacrisis Doctor.
What: Secrets are harder to keep locked up tight when you're human. Or maybe he's just become incompetent.
When: After Jeeves is noticeably gone.
Where: Traverse Town, home.
Warnings: ANGST. Doctor Who s4 finale major spoilers!

The funny thing about breaking points is that they always exist, even in dreams, even if you try to pretend they're not real.

The Doctor's room is more of a mess than usual. The mess spills out into the hall, and even Harkness doesn't dare enter, just hiding on the fringes, keeping low to the ground and looking as worried as a Dream Eater can manage. Wires, scraps of metal, clock fragments. He's perched at his desk over some awful looking device that might belong in a horror movie, which isn't what it was supposed to be at all--it was supposed to be elegant and lovely and Jeeves would have liked it.

He swipes his arms across the desk and everything crashes to the floor around him. His elbows hit the surface and he holds his head. Regret. He's not new to regret. It hides in a nice home in his mind, sidling along between the lines of anger and happiness.

Jeeves was supposed to be here and they were supposed to talk, but who the hell can the Doctor talk to, now?!

Harkness bolts from his spot outside the hall, too shaken up by his human, and maybe he can find someone that can help, or maybe he'll just hide further away.
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Donna heard a crash from where she was sitting, and glanced down at River, who was sitting next to her on the couch. Soon, she saw Harkness come running out of the hallway, diving behind something in the corner. River hopped over, chittering at him when she reached the corner.

"That's not good." Donna said, before standing and walking down the hallway he just came running through. She picked her way through the mess and leaned against the doorway. "Doctor?"
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"You know, that would be a much better argument if you didn't just shove all that..." She motioned towards the stuff on the floor. "Onto the floor." She crossed her arms and walked into the room, walking over to the pile of stuff on the floor and picking something up.

"What were you working on before your temper tantrum?" If her normal attitude didn't work, she'd try another tactic, but this was always first.
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"From rumors I've heard, he's gone. Woke up and went back to his home." She turned over her hand, wondering what it was supposed to do, before leaning on the edge of the desk.

"You two did seem to be talking a lot." She glanced down at him. "I'm sorry he's gone."
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Donna set down the clock on the desk, pushing it towards the Doctor. Maybe he could finish it as a reminder of Jeeves. But, she wasn't going to push it.

"That happens. Then later, you talk again. It would have happened, you know that." She looked at him for a second, before sighing and continuing on. "And I'm sure he'll always remember you, who wouldn't?" Maybe she wasn't the best for a pep talk, but she could damn well try.
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Donna watched as the Doctor had his moment, not saying or doing anything while he got it out of his system. It really was the best thing to do. When he was done, she waited for a few minutes, watching as River peered into the room for a second...She'd heard someone shouting, and it wasn't her person, so she was worried. Donna shook her head. She was just fine. Then she turned back to her friend.

"Yes. He will remember the Doctor. As you. Because that is who you are, and what your name is. To him, you are the Doctor. And that isn't wrong." She got up and walked over to where he was standing, poking her finger into his chest.

"You may not be exactly the Doctor I know, but you're still him. You're still The Doctor to me, and to Jeeves, and to the people you've talked to here. And nothing can change that." She poked his forehead.

"As far as I'm concerned, Doctor, he will remember you."
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Donna glared at him for a moment before gritting her teeth for a second. Those were fighting words.

"Excuse me?" She snapped back. "I don't plan on forgetting any of this. I mean, how can I?"

But something...something wasn't right.
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Donna gave him a funny look. Something was making him nervous...she thought, and it apparently had something to do with her. She grabbed the chair he had vacated a few seconds before and sat on it.

"Ok. Go ahead."

This just didn't sound good.
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Donna listened to him as he chattered for a bit, taking in his nervous body language. Whatever he was trying to say, it wasn't good, and it involved her.

When he choked and stopped talking, looking down, instead of at her, she understood. She did something to create this human Doctor, something that apparently saved reality.

But she got this feeling that something bad happens in the process. She got up and walked over, placing a hand on his arm.

"Doctor. What happens, happens. I'm interested to know...But I also understand I shouldn't know." She was trying to tell him that he didn't need to continue if he didn't want.