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Kevin Flynn ([personal profile] onemoreday) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-06-13 06:21 am

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Who: Flynn and anyone else
What: When you haven't really dreamed in centuries, it can be a bit overwhelming
When: After Fourth Wall
Where: Traverse Town, first district
Warnings: none

It's bright, so bright.

What is this?

There's colour and sound, and for a moment Flynn blinks, staggering just slightly, a hand reaching out for something that's not there. When he opens his eyes he has to reach up to wipe away tears with his sleeve, blinking blearily as he attempts to take in what's going on.

He's sleeping, but this isn't like any dream he's had in ages.

He moves, slowly, testing his gait, testing where he's found himself. Reaching out, fingers brushing against a wall. There's no prickle of static, of a circuit completed. No panel, no godly connection to the world around him. Solid wall. He runs his fingers up the wall, feeling the cracks and rough surface. It feels so real it's startling.

He turns to look around again, scanning things critically. His eyes aren't watering quite as much, though he has to squint a little due to how brightly lit everything is. It's that orange-yellow of incandescent bulbs, a light wavelength that he's so completely unused to anymore...

Is this a dream? Would it be affecting him this much?

But where else would he be?

He begins to walk again, carefully fielding stairs, using his hands to seek out rails and walls while his vision attempts to adjust to this place. It's nothing like the blue-and-black reality of the Grid, or even the small amount of creature comfort he made for himself. It's... alive in the physical sense, not in the digital sense...

"Didn't think I had any dreams like this left in me," he says to no one in particular, managing a quiet laugh. "Better enjoy it while it lasts!"

And he continues patiently up the stairs, waiting to see what else this dream can do.

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