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Aqua ([personal profile] wavesinherheart) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-06-07 02:32 pm

Into the silence will you answer

Who: Aqua and Soma
What: Seeking out a friend
When: Before Spellican is taken down
Where: Fourth District
Warnings: None, at the moment

With the worst of larger Nightmares dealt with, there was once again time to simple enjoy a moment of relative quiet. True, Aqua wasn't entirely certain what to make of the fact that the Realm of Dreams had had far more visitors than usual, but that might well be something that will never have an answer. And it hasn't been bad either. Crowded, but friendly enough even with that.

However, in the wake of various sudden departures, it occurs to her that there's at least one person she knows that she hasn't seen for some time. They might not have spoken very much in the long run, but that's hardly going to be enough to stop her from actually looking. So it is that she's taken to the streets to see if she can't find Soma, while her Komory Bat hastaken to the skies above her just in case. And if she really can't find him, at the least the walk will have done her some good.

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