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Into the silence will you answer

Who: Aqua and Soma
What: Seeking out a friend
When: Before Spellican is taken down
Where: Fourth District
Warnings: None, at the moment

With the worst of larger Nightmares dealt with, there was once again time to simple enjoy a moment of relative quiet. True, Aqua wasn't entirely certain what to make of the fact that the Realm of Dreams had had far more visitors than usual, but that might well be something that will never have an answer. And it hasn't been bad either. Crowded, but friendly enough even with that.

However, in the wake of various sudden departures, it occurs to her that there's at least one person she knows that she hasn't seen for some time. They might not have spoken very much in the long run, but that's hardly going to be enough to stop her from actually looking. So it is that she's taken to the streets to see if she can't find Soma, while her Komory Bat hastaken to the skies above her just in case. And if she really can't find him, at the least the walk will have done her some good.
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In the grand scheme of things, Soma had not been actually, honestly *missing* for more than about four days from the world of dreams. But in those four days, a year had passed, and he was no longer quite the same person he had been before; he was older, a bit taller, a bit stronger, and no longer in imminent danger of losing his mind. What had been a schism in his soul had been repaired, and he was no longer two distinct individuals vying for control over the same body.

Whether that was a good thing or not depends largely on one's perspective, but at least the individual now standing on the rooftop of a building overlooking the central district still called himself Soma and had no particular desire to go to war with humanity.

Leaning against the railing, he watched as Aqua - a distinctive enough individual that even a year's absence had not erased his memory of her - wandered through, her Komory Bat overhead. He gave the lazy specimen on his shoulder a mental nudge. "Get up there and see what they're looking for," he whispered to Tepes, who was still as lazy as the day he'd been put together. Well-rested from his four day vacation, the bat flapped lazily off Soma's shoulder and took wing, trying to catch up to his counterpart in the sky above. Meanwhile, Soma hopped over the railing and floated toward ground level, arcing his flight path to bring him down a safe distance behind the blue-haired keyblade wielder.

(Currently using Flying Armor's slow fall ability.)
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"Something I can help you with?" he asked without preamble, right hand in the pocket of his coat and left loose and open at his side.

Now that he was at peace with the monster inside him, Soma no longer feared the Light. He was relaxed, a hint of a smile playing at his lips as he stood there. He had only been back an hour or so - long enough to get the barest hint of how much time had passed, and what had happened during it. Was still happening, technically, he guessed; whatever was responsible for this mess was still out there, and he could feel its presence, if not sense its location.

Time for that later, unless someone beat him to it.

Tepes, happy to meet another bat, actually -fluttered- around his counterpart. His happy chittering caught Soma's peripheral attention, and the smile that had been merely hinted at became a realized entity. "It may sound odd, but I've missed this place."
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Compared to crazy evil cultists, thousand year old vampires, and castles full of demons, this place was practically a vacation. It did lack a few amenities, but at least now he had a fair idea that he wasn't about to lose them if he stayed here too long.

"They're speaking Greek as far as I'm concerned, but they seem to understand me just fine. I get the feeling that's how it works with everyone."

He took a few steps closer, putting himself in a more comfortable conversational range, and leaned against a lamp post. "What happened here? I've only been gone about four days, surely that wasn't long enough for the place to fall apart..."
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"That's kind of what I meant. Before, there was a slow but steady trickle - enough to think that, maybe, it was somehow happening naturally. But a sudden rush in and back out again? That makes me think whoever's behind all this slipped up."

And maybe the big Nightmares were their way of trying to cover their tracks. Unless a Nightmare was, itself responsible somehow - but that would mean something in the world of dreams had a whole hell of a lot more power than anyone ever thought possible. Enough that the ones they've fought to date will look like playthings by comparison...

"If it's a person, we might've just gotten lucky. If it's a Nightmare, though... we're in for big trouble."
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"I wouldn't be so sure about that. I don't know how the dream world works in your universe, but where I'm from, there are... things that inhabit the far reaches. Demons, devils, things that don't even have names - there's a whole laundry list of beings out there that could be behind this, and each has a stranger reason than the last. I'd actually be kind of relieved to find out it's a person, no matter their goal."

Tepes and Aqua's bat were, for the moment, left to their own devices. Their people had enough to worry about.

"If we could find out what and why, I think we'd be a lot closer to the answers we need. Does anyone have any leads?"
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"The problem as I see it is that there's nowhere left to look. We've been all over all the available worlds with a fine-toothed comb, and all it's gotten us is a boatload of dead Nightmares. Either we're missing something... or there's nothing to find. And I don't like the implications of that at all."

Truth be told, it was Soma's first time as well (well, technically second) - but Dracula had been an alchemist in the days when people took dreams seriously, and he'd done plenty of research. There was a *reason* nightmares and succubi inhabited his castle, after all, and Alucard could tell anyone who cared to ask that falling asleep there wasn't the best of ideas.

"We need more information. I think that's a safe bet to start with. Do you know if anyone currently here has ever been to the dream world before?"
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"I don't know that I've ever actually met Sora. I've seen him on the network a few times, I think, but never in person." Which... was kind of odd, considering how few people there seemed to be around, but he wasn't going to bring that up now. "Do you think we should track him down and see what he can tell us?"

Admittedly, the insights of someone even younger than himself - even if that someone was markedly better traveled - weren't likely to be of much use now. But, if there was even a slight chance he knew something crucial that they had missed...
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If she'd brought it up, Soma would have told her that it was just a poor choice of words. He's done the hunting people thing before, and that is most certainly not what he meant this time. Of course, if they ever got a bead on that cloaked person on the network... well, that would be a different story.

"I think it's about time to gather everyone we can find together and do some serious talking and thinking. Put together everything we know or think we know, and then try to make a plan from there. It doesn't sit well with me, knowing we've just been letting ourselves be led around by the nose."
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Soma nodded in agreement. "Exactly. We've all been running around with no real direction thus far, and even when we make progress it's like we're stumbling over each other to do it. That needs to stop."

How could it be stopped? He wasn't entirely sure. His predecessor - one might go so far as to say his ancestor - might have been a tactician, but he was not. But there were doubtless others among the refugees who were, and getting them all together would hopefully give one or more of them the kind of inspirational spark they needed to move forward.

"We need a date, time, and location to gather everyone up. Sometime soon, by preference, and not in Ponyville. Most of us aren't really comfortable there."
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"Either is fine, as far as I'm concerned - but it needs to be a location we can defend. Whatever's been springing the big nightmares on us is putting up some ridiculously strong barriers; a large, open area with scattered cover might be best."

And if they could draw who or whatever it was out with such a meeting... maybe they could spring a trap of their own. He didn't mention this aloud, not yet. He needed to work out the details, find someone who knew something about barrier magic, and see if his own, newly expanded abilities could be put to use.
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"The sandlot has better lighting, I think. Not quite as much cover as I'd like, but... better than nothing. We can always drag more stuff in."

Or just make do with what's there. If the objective was the element of surprise, they shouldn't have stuff like overturned wagons or the like out there, after all.

"I'll post to the network to try and get people gathered together a bit later. Can you think of anything else that might help?"
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"I wish there was some way to talk strategy with everyone beforehand without giving away the plan, but I don't think that's going to be possible - not unless we use the spirits as carrier pigeons or something. Even then... well, you know most of them will go out of their way for a treat, no matter who's giving it to them. I know we've come to rely on them for protection and companionship, but... I think that might be a bit beyond them."

He sighed, glancing up at their bats. "Not only that, but what if they run into something they can't handle? We already know the biggest ones use some kind of barrier magic to prevent escape."