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Kanji Tatsumi ([personal profile] realmenknitplushies) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-06-03 09:20 pm

Training time (open)

Who: Kanji and anyone who runs into him!
What: Training time for Kanji and his duo
When: Sometime after the fourth wall business
Where: Around Traverse Town, ending at the Fourth District
Warnings: Nothing so much?

Kanji wasn't much of a magic user. Okay, so perhaps he'd had to step into that position during the skirmishes with Nightmare Moon, but he'd never had the power to keep it going, never had the force behind his attacks some did. It was his own strength that he trusted most, and it was that that he wanted to work on, right now.

With his Dream Eaters by his side, he was working his way around the town, checking out the usual spots for Nightmares to be found; Plum and Jet (as the Meowjesty had come to be known) taking care of business with their usual speed, and with various treats being thrown around at the end of it all... they deserved it.

In the end, he could be found in the square at the bottom of the hill in the Fourth District. Around the place, some of the barrels and crates that seemed to be omnipresent, piled up. (And a few with Nightmares' - or even Nightmare Moon's - face drawn on them.) While the Spirits were playing on the steps - time for a bit of target practice.
With his typical yelling, he rushed the barrels, swinging his shield around viciously - but not with any regard for what it was supposed to be, not with any finesse, just another blunt instrument to be wielded. How long before any of his targets broke under the onslaught? Not the most elegant training method, but ...
...well, he'd make do.

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