unrecovered: (Let's talk)
Agent Washington ([personal profile] unrecovered) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-05-14 11:00 am

Don't Say Goodbye

Who: Wash and York
What: A long overdue conversation.
When: After York's talk with Carolina; before all the fourth wall people wake up.
Where: The hotel, Traverse Town
Warnings: Freelancers? Freelancers.

Right now, all Wash wanted was a break. Between dealing with everyone who'd randomly arrived, somehow winding up as a point of contact for the same, and facing the Meta yet again, he figured he deserved some down time. He also knew he'd have to grab it himself if he wanted any.

To that end, he'd retreated to his hotel room, locked the door, and stretched out on the bed, letting Melody and Carmen curl up on his stomach and legs. He'd have to go back out there and deal with people eventually. Right now, all he wanted was a few minutes to himself.

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