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But If You Close Your Eyes

Who: Agents North Dakota and Washington
What: A few old friends have come and gone, leaving behind a pair of idiots who don't know how to communicate properly
When: Sometime after everyone's left.
Where: Wherever there is a drinking establishment in Traverse Town
Warnings: General Freelancer Warning.

North had to admit he'd been expecting it. Something about all those people showing up like that had struck him as off. It didn't change the fact that it hurt. He'd been longing to see his sister for so long, and the time they spent together really wasn't enough. Same with York. It left him feeling lonely.

And he hadn't been the only one.

Admittedly, North was a little nervous about meeting Wash here. They hadn't spoken a whole lot lately, and things were still awkward between them, even if that hadn't been the intention. But even so, maybe this would help.
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He'd been dumb enough to hope.

That was the problem - he'd been goddamn dumb enough to hope. He'd let himself believe that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that York would be sticking around.

Of course, that had worked out about as well as expected - which was to say, not the fuck at all. Great. So he found himself on his way to the tea shop to meet North and attempt to drink away their shared misery (though Wash would have to hide how goddamn happy he was that South was back out of his hair. One less thing to worry about - or it would have been, if her leaving hadn't had such a profoundly negative effect on North).

He clunked a glass of amber liquid on the table in front of North and took a seat across from him, setting his own glass on the table in front of him. "Careful with that," he nodded at the drink. "It'll knock you out if you're not careful." He still had no idea what was in this Port Royal stuff, but it would work well enough for now.
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"Yeah, well, you haven't tried this stuff yet." The last thing either of them needed was to pass out and wake up in awkward positions. They didn't need to do that to Namine. Again.

"I've been better." It was a non-answer, one he'd been falling back on for years. "You?"