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Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP ([personal profile] lickedthat) wrote in [community profile] revenance_rpg2014-05-05 08:03 pm

This is what's wrong with you, Fraser.

Who: Benton Fraser ([personal profile] lickedthat) and you; please consider this an open post for anyone not participating in the boss battles.
What: He's not armed -- after all, he hasn't been able to find out what the local weapons laws are yet -- but he can still help get other noncombatants to safety before they find themselves in the line of danger.
When: After this post until the boss battles reach full swing.
Where: Around Traverse Town.
Warnings: PG/none expected!

Fraser frowned, coming to a stop at the cobbled corner of a building, and sniffed the air. He might not have learned this city's characteristic odors yet, but there was something in the air like a hint of ozone -- like the threat of lightning no closer than the horizon.

Also rotting vegetables, sawdust and a hint of pine sap from the crates piled in the alleyway, a touch of algal contamination in a gutter and the fading scent of crowded humanity. Most of them, he supposed, had found refuge in their own homes. The others out now were either seeking the creatures themselves, lost without safe harbor, or had simply missed the announcement; and although option number one was composed of those who could largely take care of themselves, two and three might need assistance finding their way inside.

At least, thanks to Jack, he knew his way through the city properly now.

He turned the corner, picking up the pace.

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