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WHAT: Lets make like Scoobys and go exploring, gang!
WHEN: One Hour From 'Now'.
Warnings: Shenanigans. Swearing. Violence against goth coloured critters attempting to eat your face. Will be updated as events proceed!

[ A woman's face appears on the network, looking stern and back straight, her hands tucked behind her back. A blue owl spirit is visible behind her, glaring into the communicator's camera. ]

For those of you newly arrived, my name is Lin Beifong. I'm one of the dreamers who has been here for a considerable time. Agent Washington has already begun answering questions about this place, so I'll spare everyone a repeat of the details.

This dream world is called Traverse Town. We'd previously opened portals that linked to other worlds within the Realm of Sleep, but they've now disappeared. If you're not concerned by that, you should be. We're not sure who is responsible for the loss of the portals, never mind for our being here, but with the increase in numbers, an investigation should be conducted. To that end, I would like to ask your help.

Two groups are being formed to check out two locations that were previously the point of major conflicts before the portals opened. I will be leading a group to investigate the Post Office; it's a large underground facility beneath the First District and something of a maze. Agent Washington will be taking a group to the Fifth District, where the greenhouse is located. Try and keep the use of lightning spells or electricity to a minimum here.

We're gathering in one hour; those going to the Post Office, meet me in the main square at the First District. Those helping Washington should gather at the gates leading from the Fourth District.

If you're not a fighter, or don't feel like joining us [her eyes narrow slightly but she presses on] the Hotel in the second district is a safe harbor from the Nightmare spirits. You're also free to explore, if you wish, but don't go alone if you can help it - there's safety to be found in numbers, and we have a map of Nightmare locations on the network for use.

[there's a short, sharp nod] Thank you for your time.

[OOC NOTES: LET'S GO EXPLORING! Here's some details on how this log will work:

1) There will be three top level comments to tag under:

  • Lin's group for the Post Office
  • Wash's group for the Greenhouse at the Fifth District
  • A Second District tag for hanging out at the hotel and/or exploring more of Traverse Town now you're settled in!

    And here's a map of Traverse Town from KH3D for Sora and for Riku that show how districts connect. Yaaaay.

2) Action and prose-style tags welcome, go with what you are most comfortable!

3) OPEN tag order - let's keep the ball rolling, tag in as and when you please.

4) The same character can't be in two places at once. >:| jsyk. Pick a place and stay there!

5) Want to explore the first two areas, but split off from the main group? That's cool too! Just make a new comment and note it accordingly in the subject.

Any questions? Fire 'em in a PM and I'll clarify things ASAP! ]
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From the outside, the greenhouse in the fifth district looked pretty solid. Then again, the last time Wash had bothered to take a look at it, it had been half-destroyed as the result of a giant monkey Nightmare and way too many spells going off in the same place. Looked like the Moogles had been hard at work repairing it.

With any luck, the inside would be devoid of monkeys this time around.

He rolled his shoulders and glanced at his motion trackers as he waited by the entrance. On his shoulder, Fang rocked back and forth, chirping happily; Carmen wove between his ankles. He was giving her another chance to be social, somewhat against his better judgment; hopefully it wouldn't backfire too badly.
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Locations like a Greenhouse and a Post Office didn't sound particularly impressive, but she'd mentioned that both were the sites of prior activity. Clint had chosen at random and was now walking up to the Greenhouse. Between the two it sounded more interesting anyway. Besides, nothing was dull with a bouncing pin cushion following you around. Clint was still calling him Pinhead so it might as well have been the Pricklemane's real name.

He raised a hand as he approached, hoping to show he was a friendly. "You Wash?"
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Of the two, Fraser had reluctantly decided that he would be more effective in a greenhouse. Underground mazes required close-quarters fighting, and he had been avoiding open battle with the creatures as far as possible. The more experienced local combatants would do better without his assistance.

He did have a brand-new Meow Wow trundling along at his heels, feet flying too fast for its easy pace. The plaza was spacious, and the greenhouse appeared unusually large. This had been a good choice. Here, he was less likely to unwittingly interfere with another's strategy.

"Hello!" he called, coming to a stop a few meters from the other men. One of them was familiar. The other appeared to be a superhero. "I believe we've met, but I failed to introduce myself. Benton Fraser, RCMP."
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It wasn't that surprising that Carolina would assign herself to one of the groups. Dax riding on her shoulder and Lela trotting gamely at her heels, the aqua armor was conspicuous as ever as she strode out onto the forecourt in front of the Garden greenhouse.

She didn't recognise either of the men approaching Wash, but the flicker of teal caught her eye, and a moment later Lela let out a startled *mewf!* as she was dismissed, replaced with the stoic tama sheep. Stopping next to one of lampposts, she settled her back against it, arms folding across her chest, and visor's gaze fixed back on the way she had come, not bothering to introduce herself.

She wasn't in much of a mood to talk to anyone anyway.
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The pony nonbeliever, the video impaired, and Carolina. Yeah, this was going to be all sorts of fun. Hopefully Lin was having better luck with her group.

"Yeah," he told the archer. "And you are?"

At least video impaired had an introduction ready. Wash nodded. "I'm Wash, and the life of the party over there is Carolina." They needed to know what name to call if she was about to get stomped by a Nightmare, even if she didn't feel like offering it herself.

Carmen perked up and made a beeline for Lela, only to skid to a stop when she disappeared, complaining loudly. What the hell, man! She wanted to talk to Lela! C'moooooon!

Which was, of course, the last thing Wash wanted to put up with. "Carmen."

She quieted down at the reprimand. After a moment, she headed for Tobin at a flat sprint, skidding to a stop right in front of him and planting both of her front paws squarely on his nose. Heeeeeey~

Fang, on the other hand, was more than happy to flap over and greet the new Pricklemane and Meow Wow. Hi! Are you guys new?
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And just to add to Wash's fun here comes Alpha, Caboose bounding along beside him. He'd agreed, admittedly under some duress, to help Wash back home so he figures he may as well try to keep up his end of the bargain here. At least they aren't chasing after some psycho serial Freelancer killer.

Plus, Tex was here. So all in all it seemed like this place was, in it's own fucked up way, a step up for him.

Caboose spots Wash and makes a happy 'bouf' sound. Yay, his friends are here!
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York made his way over as well. If he was going to get back in the swing of things, this would be a good way to do it. Of course, maybe not everyone would be in the best mood for a reunion. At least he had his old guys back, and they seemed to be okay with their new meow wow friend Jellybean.

"Anything interesting so far?" he asked no one in particular.
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As if anything could slow her long enough to squash her. There's a sharp tilt of her head, before Carolina responds to Washington. "Hnn. I'm only here because some of us need more physical protection than others."

Someone might have overheard a certain open broadcast.

Carmen's approach and yowl was ignored, while Tobin sighed deeply, a rather dry looking given to the cat pressing paws against his nose. Dax slithered down from Carolina's shoulder, then hopped onto his sheep-sib's back. A much more comfy perch with all that wool. His top hat tilted as he peered at the teal Frootz Cat, ignoring the strange humans. Oh. You're that cat, are you? Melody mentioned you. It might not have been a flattering mention.

Alpha showing up earned a squint behind her visor, Carolina shifting her weight from one foot to the other. What was Church doing here? Avoiding Wash had been one way for the two to keep the peace between one another. Were it not for York showing up, she might have moved to intercept. "Not yet," she replied, frozen, staring at him, before staring past him and back the way he'd come - in case of others who might come stumbling out of the shadows. "Depends on if Wash wants people checking inside or out first."
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Hey. Can you really blame him, Wash? It's not like he didn't believe in ponies even. They had ponies back home. They'd even had ponies in the circus he worked with as a kid. Just not the kind that came in rainbow colors, had their own world, and popped out of your quiver of arrows.


"Just call me Hawkeye." He was in the getup, might as well stick to his codename. He could deal with other names later. He simply nods to the others as they join the group. His gaze moves to the Greenhouse and he shrugs, "Wouldn't hurt to check the perimeter first." Although to be fair, he'd actually circled the building once before joining Wash.

You know. Just in case. It's not like he KNEW any of these people or who to really trust.
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"Agreed," Fraser said with a nod. Hawkeye's voice had the ring of experience; had he done this sort of work before? "How many entrances does the building have?" he added, with a glance around the group. Wash had been here long enough to know the area; the others, he wasn't sure of.
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And one more to round out the weird names party -

The replica's arrival is announced more by the chirping of his Komory Bat than by anything he does; it leads the way to the group from around one corner of the greenhouse. So many other Dream Eaters and people! It flutters around before flying back to its owner, trying to encourage him to get to know people.

It's not particularly effective. This is the largest group of people he's ever dealt with face to face, even not counting all the Dream Eaters, and even in the group meetings in Castle Oblivion he had been the subject of the discussion more often than a participant.

Play it cool. He can totally do this. The armor people seem to know what they're doing, anyway.

"Whatever we're going to do, we should get moving." Yes, that totally makes him sound less like the youngest person here. Totally.
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"Don't worry, I'm wearing my armor and everything." It was a terrible, if flippant, comeback. Wash was never going to live that goddamn post down; he might as well get used to it.

Wash glanced around the group as they arrived one by one. Three people he knew and a whole bunch of unknowns (though Not Riku got a pass on account of (potentially) being a Keykid). "We're going to do both. Divide and conquer. Carolina, York, Church, you're on perimeter duty. Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Ordinary for here," he clarified after a moment. Alpha had just arrived. Right. "Church, don't get eaten. Everyone else, with me. There's one entrance around front - we'll go in and fan out. Watch each others' backs and keep an eye out for Nightmares. Got it?"
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"Why am I the one who'd get eaten? Why not bird's-eye in the funny pajamas over there..."

Church grumbles but shrugs and pulls his sniper rifle from it's place on his back. Meh, things were getting boring anyway.
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Aqua helmet looked from her fellow (ex)Freelancer to the Alpha and back again, puzzlement briefly evident. Wash never called Epsilon 'Church'. "You know how to use that now?" was directed with no small disbelief at the Blue in their midst, while Dax tilted his head left and right at him.

Tobin merely sighed and nudged Carmen away. Your person will need you.

"Since you have the sniper rifle, you can take the roof. York," she turned to look at him, this being the first actual conversation that didn't involve some kind of physical blow, "you want left or right side?"
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"Pfft. Yeah I can use this. Seriously, why does everyone keep asking me that?"

Church looks around for a roof that will give him the best vantage point. If there was one thing he was good at, it was finding a spot to keep an eye on things.

And then sitting there for hours on end because the people you're watching are totally miserably boring.

"I'll head up there," He points to his chosen rooftop. "Try not to spend too much time where I can't see you."
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Re: Main Party Thread

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Why, hello!

[Souji trots toward her, his Pricklemane bounding at his heels and his free hand resting on the battered wooden stick thrust through his sash. It'll do until he can afford a sword from the Moogles. Soon enough, he hopes. In the meantime, well, with this at least he won't be a burden.]

May I ask, what are we looking for down there, Beifong-san? Or is it just investigation?
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Yeah, I'd kinda like to know that myself.

[Sparks moseys in shortly behind Souji, casual as you please, laser pistol and robot fists hooked on his belt and Hebby Repp bouncing by his side.]

Heard there was some sorta brawl here before, you mind filling in a few details on that, Miss?
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[Jeeves glides along to join the others, remaining quiet and just listening. Lin is, in his opinion, the preferable person to take direction from in a search effort. Agent Washington might be useful for keeping watch, but he prefers Lin's company. She is a stolid woman, a rare and desirable quality. Mr. Wooster had indicated an interest in joining one of the group for the post office, anyway. He holds his silence for the moment, merely offering polite nods to the others.]
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[Croach arrives slightly later than Sparks Nevada, partially because he is coming from a different location and partially because training his Meow Wow to follow him and not wander off is proving to be the sixth most frustrating task he has ever undertaken. He still has not been entirely successful, but at least the Meow Wow is in the vicinity. It will have to suffice for now.]

Human designated Lin Beifong. Can you provide further information on previous events and what sort of changes we should be looking for?
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[Souji frowns, tilting his head to the side.] And any information you have about the specific creatures we may encounter! Pandas... are there others there that we might not have seen in the streets?
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Sorry I'm late.

[North comes jogging up, dressed in his armour this time, with Cactus and Winnie in tow. He's prepared this time at least.]
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[Well, he's certainly used to people giving Croach weird looks, anyway, and at least no one's chomping to go on a lynching spree at the sight of his martian. More important is the task at hand.]

That's not... not actual details...

[Sparks rubs his face. "An unknown figure," "found an item," what is it that's got everyone so twitchy about giving actual, solid facts, even away from some supposedly-monitored network? Maybe they just were real terrible at gathering intel and got huffy about it.]

Not the most promising endeavor I ever been on, but not the least, 'spose. Nothing to it but to get it done.
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[Another late arrival nods, hands shoved in his pockets, both his Dream Eaters looking ready for action.

Investigation? He's used to this, after all.]

So ... just looking for anythin' out of the ordinary for around here. Yeah, alright.
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I already said-- yeah, I got-- no, look, that's--whaaat?

[ Lin storms off, and Sparks gestures to Croach, in a "can-you-believe-this" manner. ]

What is everyone's allergy to asking questions, this is getting ridiculous. [ He looks warily to North. ] You gonna bite my head off if I ask for details, or do I gotta resign myself to never knowing what's going on?
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[Look at all the sympathy he has for you, Sparks Nevada. Oh wait, you cannot, because it is invisible and your weak human senses cannot otherwise detect it.]

She has a point, Sparks Nevada. She is also the sixth most impressive human I have ever met.

[He does, however, wait with Sparks Nevada. He, too, would like details on the previous battle - all the better to be prepared for whatever they may face.]

Metal Being designated North. I assume the ursine accompanying you is a "Kooma Panda?"

[Guess who has not yet encountered them in the wild.]
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[personal profile] juniorganymedian 2014-04-14 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
[Jeeves simply watches the proceedings and Chief Beifong's verbal castigation of Marshall Nevada in mild amusement. Croach catches his attention insofar as the creature is so incredibly alien and disturbing to look at that the valet makes a point to just... not look at him if it can be avoided. He does listen, though, and speaks up after a moment, still hanging back to let the rest of the group follow after Lin first. He's not a fighter by nature. It makes sense to let the others lead the charge.]

I think, perhaps, Marshall Nevada, dismissing Chief Beifong's initial description of the situation out of hand may have led to her being less than receptive to further inquiry. [In other words: Learn to speak to women better, Sparks.]
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[North nods back at Lin, checking his sniper rifle once more before placing it on his back. He looks at Sparks and Croach curiously.]

Don't worry, I won't be doing that. Basically what happened was a bunch of us got led in here by someone, it was kind of hard to tell who, and wound up fighting a whole lot of dream eaters, including Kooma Pandas, which were new at the time.

[He does point to Winnie, who waves.]

But yeah, he's the spirit version of them. The nightmare ones aren't as friendly.

[He pauses for a moment.]

Sorry, I don't think I've seen you two around before.
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Croach, you ain't got a nose, so don't go trying to turn it brown. [Pretty much par for the course that Croach likes a woman who tells him off.]

I didn't dismiss--look, the point's moot, now. [Alas, any hope that Sparks could ever learn to talk to women is long dead and buried.

While he's glad North's more cooperative, his details seem to be just a reword of what was already said. But by this point, he's tired of talking in circles, and Beifong's getting ahead.

Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. This here's Croach. We'd best walk while we finish our hellos... eh, North, right?
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[And yet one more for the ranks of the fashionably late. Which Bertie hadn't intended to be, but as it turns out Traverse Town is much more of a bother to navigate than he'd expected.

He considers calling out to the rest of them in greeting as he arrives, but decides against it and sidles up to his valet quietly instead. That woman at the front of the pack's expression is reminding him a little too much of one of his aunts for such joviality.]

What ho, Jeeves. I haven't missed anything important, have I?
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[personal profile] juniorganymedian 2014-04-14 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
Nothing you might consider of great consequence, sir. [Really, Mr. Wooster probably wouldn't have paid attention to most of Lin's explanation.] You may benefit from engaging the gentlemen ahead in conversation. Agent North Dakota, the gentleman in armor, was explaining to Marshal Nevada and Mr. Croach what occurred here previously. [He gestures to Sparks and Croach, the bugman, in turn.]

Please mind your step as we enter, sir. You will have to slide on the rail or ride long the belt with the packages. [He's personally going for the slightly more dignified option of riding with the packages.]
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[Souji eyes the rail thoughtfully as well -- but while it looks really fun, he's not sure he trusts his footing on it should something the size of the armored man's panda jump at him. No, he'll take the boring slow route! For now.]

I think the packages might be a better plan! I'd like a look at the floor before I end up there.

[He tosses Jeeves and ... Bernie, wasn't it? ... a bright smile and hops onto one of the packages, readying his makeshift wooden blade. Just in case. The monsters had a very distressing habit of appearing.]
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[It's pretty much all North can offer. There wasn't much more that happened down here.]

Yeah, that's right. Agent North Dakota if you want to get technical, but I prefer North.
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Guess we're gonna have to do this a few at a time...

[And there's a lot of them here. Oh, well.

He looks over the edge, envying the locals their tricks when it comes to leaping from high places, and hops onto the platform for the ride down.]
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[The woman's got a voice like a regular drill sergeant, and Bertie can't help but wince at it slightly. Still, he reminds himself, it isn't as if she's any more frightening than the fiends that lurk here around every corner.]

Right-o. [Tempting as the rail is - Bertie being a fair hand at swinging across the rings above the Drone's Club pool and all - he decides against it after taking a look at the drop below them. It's quite the plummet, and also he's not certain Rudolphus could follow after him if he went the more daring way. Right. He hops, somewhat awkwardly, onto the belt.]
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[There's nothing wrong with greenhorns taking the slow, safe route, but Sparks figured he'd rather not wait for the rest of the crew to make it down. He gives one last nod of thanks to North.]

Catch you down there, then, North.

[He hops the rail, riding it down. Even if he doesn't stick the landing perfectly, he turns his stumble into a bit of a swagger.]

Smoother ride than a rocket horse, any day.

[Stop trying to show off, Sparks, accept that Lin doesn't like you.]
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[personal profile] juniorganymedian 2014-04-17 05:30 am (UTC)(link)
[Stop trying to show off, Sparks, it's more than just Lin who isn't particularly fond of you. Jeeves keeps his features impassive, but he's mentally rolling his eyes as he jumps onto the conveyor after the others and rides out the safer path down. The room they come down into is vast. Jeeves takes a moment to just look around. It's very bright.]

Perhaps, Agent North Dakota, if you might be able to elucidate any specific occurrences or areas of interest, it might narrow our search?

[Jeeves' voice carries only so far as he thinks it necessary for North to hear. He keeps half an eye on Mr. Wooster to ensure his employer doesn't wander off to be attacked by the ursine inhabitants of the post office.]
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[Souji winces at Bei Fong's shout. If there is something dangerous lurking down here, a bellow like that will have given their position away for good... he leaps from the conveyor to the floor as soon as the distance narrows enough, heading toward her.]

Shall we spread out to cover more ground?

[No one could call his tone disrespectful, but neither is it subordinate. They hardly know each other, after all.]

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It doesn't need to sleep, so it doesn't need a place to stay. So this little robot is out front of the hotel, entertaining itself in the best way it knows how—by dancing. "Wub, wub, wub," it says, spinning in a circle and then boosting itself up on its appendages for a dip to the ground. "Come on everybody!"