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Who: Anyone who wants to look for keyholes
What: Time to split up and find the mysterious migrating keyholes.
Where: Every World
When: Half an hour after this post
Warnings: Depends on who shows up and what goes down.

[We're gonna skip the meeting; for now, each world has its own subthread. The mods will keep an eye on them and let you know if you find the keyhole and/or drop hints as to its location. No tagging order.]

[A note: Wash will probably have recommended that people stick to searching the worlds they know best. Feel free to utterly disregard his advice.]
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Who: North and anyone else
What: Installing survival kits at safehouses
Where: Everywhere
When: All day
Warnings: None at the moment

It was a good feeling, springing back into action.

The moment North heard the voice, he knew that trouble was about, and that he had to act fast. He'd been collecting items for the survival kits, and things had been so quiet that he'd been putting off finishing them, but that time was over.

So he can be found running around the various worlds, locating his safehouses and installing the kits.

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Who: North and anyone else
What: Exploring Ponyville for an acceptable safehouse
Where: Ponyville
When: All day
Warnings: None at the moment

After discussing the idea the of a safehouse with everyone else, North knew that Ponyville was going to be the best place to start.

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Who: Celestia and Luna (plus anyone else who might wander in?)
What: Investigating the statue of Nightmare Moon
Where: Ponyville
When: Afternoon.
Warnings: Feels?

You don't have to be afraid/No escape from the storm inside of me )
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Who: Edge and open
What: Burn some stress by slashin' some Nightmares
Where: Twilight Town and the Mother of Invention
When: All day.
Warnings: Violence and tasteless flirtations for the ladies.

He isn't going to be the Hokage, we promise. )
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Who: Xion and YOU
What: Xion checks out Twilight Town and changes there
Where: Twilight Town
When: Not long after Wash's comm post
Warnings: Potential for running into Nightmares?

Back to the old stomping grounds. )
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Who: Wash and Ziva
What: Well, someone has to go check out the recently reopened Mother of Invention, right?
When: After the portals reopen
Where: The Mother of Invention
Warnings: They're pretty much their own warnings at this point.

Wash wasn't always the easiest person to convince. )
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Who: Clint Barton and OPEN
What: Clint goes off to check Ponyville, even with warnings he's not quite prepared.
Where: Ponyville
When: Mid-morning
Warnings: None should be needed

My Little Hawkeye )
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Who: Benton Fraser [personal profile] lickedthat and you!
What: Ghosts don't just disappear. Or, well, do they?
When: Not long after the worlds reopen
Where: Traverse Town Inn
Warnings: Possible mention of a dead father? If anyone gets him to admit what he's doing, though, YOU GET A PRIZE

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Who: Namine and YOU
What: Namine takes some time to practice magic
Where: Traverse Town, Fourth District.
When: Sometime in what would be the afternoon
Warnings: None should be needed

A witch must practice her spells )
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Who: Naoto, Sam the Komory Bat, and whoever cares to trip over either of them.
What: When you sense your assumptions about a world starting to crumble, a little stroll in the evening is good for the soul - never mind that it's always evening here, and most such strolls don't involve furtively laying magical traps as you go.
When: A short while before the Spellican battle
Where: The rooftops of Traverse Town
Warnings: Nothing so far!

that's when you're going to be mine )
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Who: Donna and the metacrisis Doctor.
What: Secrets are harder to keep locked up tight when you're human. Or maybe he's just become incompetent.
When: After Jeeves is noticeably gone.
Where: Traverse Town, home.
Warnings: ANGST. Doctor Who s4 finale major spoilers!

The funny thing about breaking points is that they always exist, even in dreams, even if you try to pretend they're not real. )
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Who: Flynn and anyone else
What: When you haven't really dreamed in centuries, it can be a bit overwhelming
When: After Fourth Wall
Where: Traverse Town, first district
Warnings: none

sleepless nights, losing ground )
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Who: Aqua and Soma
What: Seeking out a friend
When: Before Spellican is taken down
Where: Fourth District
Warnings: None, at the moment

Before the chaos will you come )
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Who: Kanji and anyone who runs into him!
What: Training time for Kanji and his duo
When: Sometime after the fourth wall business
Where: Around Traverse Town, ending at the Fourth District
Warnings: Nothing so much?

Time to get some practice in. )
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Who: Rarity, anyone who'd like to visit
What: In the wake of sudden appearances and disappearances, Rarity's just trying to find some sense of normality. This, of course, means fashion work.
Where: Carousel Boutique, Traverse Town location
When: After the fourth wall event ends, afternoon
Warnings: None so far.

Rarity was doing her best to keep herself busy. )
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Who: Anyone who wants to take down Spellican
What Taking down Spellican! Or so Wash hopes.
Where: Plaza, Second District, Traverse Town
When: Not long after this post
Warnings: Standard Freelancer warning applies.

Except hopefully without that dog. )
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Who: Wash and York
What: A long overdue conversation.
When: After York's talk with Carolina; before all the fourth wall people wake up.
Where: The hotel, Traverse Town
Warnings: Freelancers? Freelancers.

I hate goodbyes )
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Who: Agents North Dakota and Washington
What: A few old friends have come and gone, leaving behind a pair of idiots who don't know how to communicate properly
When: Sometime after everyone's left.
Where: Wherever there is a drinking establishment in Traverse Town
Warnings: General Freelancer Warning.
Does it feel like nothing's changed at all )
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Who: Benton Fraser ([personal profile] lickedthat) and you; please consider this an open post for anyone not participating in the boss battles.
What: He's not armed -- after all, he hasn't been able to find out what the local weapons laws are yet -- but he can still help get other noncombatants to safety before they find themselves in the line of danger.
When: After this post until the boss battles reach full swing.
Where: Around Traverse Town.
Warnings: PG/none expected!

You see a problem and you gotta fix it. You can't even go to the men's room without stopping and telling some simple stupid charmingly witty Inuit story that inspires people to take on the world's social ills. )


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